October 5, 2011


‘I am feeling cold – hold me tight’

‘It’s ok darling, I am there with you’

‘But why are we leaving them behind?’

‘They will follow, but we have to go now’

‘Wait , I can see something familiar..’

‘Isn’t that you and me lying on the ground?’

The Flight Data Recoder ended after that. Blip.

Gyanban Thoughts - This micro fiction was inspired by air crash investigation episodes on Nat Geo. There are two types FDR - flight data recorder and the CVR -cockpit voice recorder. This story is based on the visualization that what if there was a passenger voice recorder as well ? Sometimes when death is near,people have reportedly foreseen it before the actual experience...imagine listening to that conversation. The title blip was so fitting as it leaves for many interpretations, one of them being a spike - perhaps in reality!


Say it only if you mean it -

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