October 19, 2011

Children, Special Children

For those who no one kissed,
For those who no one fed,
For those who no one cared,
There is a friend.

For those who never saw the sun,
For those who never had fun,
For those who never heard a chirp,
For those who never had a burrp,
There is a friend.

Children, special children
Your garden of hope is not barren.
There is a friend, my friend,
The ones you can count on and depend.
One of them is reading this,
And the other, above allof us.

Gyanban Thoughts - When was the last time you actually took a day out of your life and spent some time with special child? No I am not talking about donating money,food or clothes - though that is good, but we tend to use them as a redemption mechanism - I-am-doing-my-bit - syndrome.! What else can I do ?
Well for starters ,you can spend a few hours with them talking,listening,playing.Infact even if you do nothing just be there,it will redefine the way you lead your life.

Dont stop yourself.Go ahead and be a friend.

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  1. Loved your after thoughts :-)

  2. Ooh..i had goosebumps after reading this. Kudos to you to actually spend time to reach out to special children. And you are right. We all need to take the time to give them the love they so deserve! Thank you for a wonderful post!

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful post

  4. @Sudeshna - like always thank you !

    @Shilpa - I dont reach out to special children and hence the poem - it is more of a reminder for me ! I will change that status for sure.Am glad you connected with the post.

    @Seema - Thank you seema - welcome to Gyanban.

  5. very beautiful words!

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