October 17, 2011


A conventional Punjabi beauty, long waist length hair, big eyes, tender lips and a smile which set a few hearts aflutter even now.Today would have been just like any other Friday had it not been for one appointment on the diary. The name Wing Commander Ajaybir Thakore made her distinctly uncomfortable. It was a name she was familiar with 7 years ago.

Dr.Rishima Singh had her task cut out. She was nervous, tensed and anxious – exactly the traits she had mastered to overcome during her extensive trainings. She was a practicing psychologist and the best in class. At 35,she had earned herself a financial freedom, a peer respect and a fan following.

She checked her outlook calendar again – her 2PM status showed as busy.

The churning in her stomach was fighting a battle to show up on her face. But she fought hard. She had always been a fighter. She sat back in the deck chair of her very modern, yet minimalist-design office. Very chic and comfortable and saw the clock tick-tock.

The dangling clock chimed 1.30PM. She chided herself to remain calm and relaxed.She sat back on her recliner.

‘Good afternoon Dr.Singh – This is Wing Commander Ajaybir Thakore, may I come in’ echoed a calm baritone behind the half open door. At 6 feet 2 inches Ajaybir or “AVIATHAKOR” as he was affectionately called,waited patiently outside the door. Typical Rajput looks, sharp nose, deep eyes, short crew cut hair and a pointed, well-trimmed moustache. Dressed in formal black trousers, impeccable white shirt and the tinge of green from the perfect shave completed the package.

Her heart was pounding, pulse racing, lips quivering as she got up to open the door. For a moment time stood still. The atmosphere was electric.

A smile found it ‘s way to her lips as she gingerly opened the door. The familiar Polo Green perfume by Ralph Lauren forced its way into the room ahead of its master. Gently caressing down her nape, then engulfing her around the shoulders.

‘Hello – please come in’ she said softly. A softness that lay buried under the rocks of heartbreaks, tears and many years. They sat in silence, the only noise came from the cup and saucer parting their lips and resting on the table.

The trapped chemistry was yearning to break-free. In fact as their eyes met, it seemed to come back with a vengeance. She felt warm and flushed inside. She even let out a nervous chuckle realizing how silly she was behaving.

Wing Commander Ajaybir finally broke the ice.

‘How have you been?’

There was no response from her.

‘I was visiting Gurgaon…’ he paused. She looked up.

‘For the last time – am going to relocate to Canada’ he continued.

Her eyelashes strained to ask a question.

‘Yes I’m leaving the air force’.

‘Am here till Sunday night – my flight is at 0200 hrs. Monday morning.’

She lowered her eyes again.

‘Won’t you talk to me Ri?’ There was a distinct softness in the baritone.

She nodded mischiveously with a suppressed smile.

‘Don’t tease me’ he said.

He got up from the chair and kneeled beside her. Rishima was taken aback, but she managed not to show it. She was breathing heavily now.

His face came closer to hers. She could feel his breath on her cheeks. His fingers gently removed the tresses off her forehead, then circled behind her ears and stopped just before the edge of her lips.

His index finger glided back to her ears, this time taking a different route, came down her nape on to her shoulder and rested it on her arms. Every single shackle of tradition, work ethic, emotion was breaking down in her.

The long leather couch became the perfect conduit. The forces of restraint broke down finally. Passionate, intense and deep. The deep kiss would only break to gasp for breath; the moan would only escape to embrace the erupting passion. They made love.

Serenity often presents itself in the most odd places; in this case it was the leather couch! Calmness returned after the storm.

‘Come with me’ he whispered in her ears.

‘We’ll make our dream come true – in a far away land – away from the madness of people, society, rules and customs. Just you and me.’ He stopped.

He lifted her face from his bare chest and looked into her eyes. She looked up and said nothing, but her eyes conveyed a thousand emotions.

Ri – I am serious– come with me’.He pleaded.

‘If I don’t get your answer by Sunday night – I’ll know.’

She never got back to him on that Sunday, seven years ago.

Just then the intercom speakerphone announced chirpily –“Dr.Singh – your 2 o’clock appointment is here. There was a distant ring in herhead. She opened her eyes to see the intercom indicator blinking.

She got up from the recliner chair.It was fuzzy at first and then it became clear.

‘Thank you Nandini – ask him to wait outside - I will be there in a minute -and take the day off Nandini'.

‘Really? Thank you and have a great weekend’ Nandini gleefuly hung up the phone.

Ri arched back into the chair, with raised arms over her head - she played with her silken hair, just like she did before every conquest.

She lit a cigarette and thought about it once more.

‘Hmm – Damn,I should have told him earlier.I think I lost a chance to secure some repeat business' - Ri inhaled the smoke deep into her lungs.

'I should have told him about his brother’s child in my womb ,7 years back !' she sighed letting out a smoke ring.

'Imagine all the money I would have made dealing with that mental wreck.'

'A solemn duty for a professional psychologist.-- isn't it .......Ms.gullible Ri-shi-ma darling?’ Ri taunted.

Rishima chose not to respond as usual.

'Maybe it's time I ensure it' Ri went and opened the door.

Gyanban Thoughts - This fiction short story is about characters with alter ego. In this case Ri was Rishima's aggressive alternate personality.This is also known as DID.This story had multiple possible endings - tragic,ironic,jubilation,sacrifice - but after trying out 5 different endings I felt the dark personality disorder ending the most suited. I'd be glad to know if any of the readers would've liked a different ending - feel free to submit your version in the comment box - would love to see some new ideas.

Dissociative identity disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis and describes a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities (known as alters or parts), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.Individuals diagnosed with DID demonstrate a variety of symptoms with wide fluctuations across time; functioning can vary from severe impairment in daily functioning to normal or high abilities. Symptoms can include:[11]

  • Multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs which are not similar to each other
  • Unexplainable headaches and other body pains
  • Distortion or loss of subjective time
  • Depersonalization
  • Derealization
  • Severe memory loss
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks of abuse/trauma
  • Sudden anger without a justified cause
  • Frequent panic/anxiety attacks
  • Unexplainable phobias
  • Auditory of the parts inside their mind

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  1. Hey there! I've been reading a few of your articles for a while now and I've enjoyed them. I particularly like the 'thoughts' you put after every comment.
    I also came across your offer in 'gyanban picks'. I'd be interested in having my blog reviewed too - is that still open? My blog is at www.travellers-fruits.blogspot.com
    If you're interested, I'd also like to interview you as part of a series I'm thinking of doing. Drop me a comment on my blog with your email address if you'll be interested. Oh, and the comments on that old post are on moderation right now, so I can always delete the comment afterwards if you'd rather your address was not published. Thanks again and best wishes for your beautiful blog :)

  2. This is one of the best short stories I have read in a long time GB! You manage to keep your readers on tenterhooks!

    Absolutely loved it.

  3. @Charu - Thanks and welcome to Gyanban. Would request you to leave your blog link and questions if you had any, on the Gyanban picks page.Will certainly do the needful.

    @Purba - I must tell you I was really toying with a tragic ending,after some of the readers suggested I write an outright love story. But the dark side pulled me in. Am glad you liked it.

  4. I do like your use of a psychological disorder in a character, very interesting. It was difficult to follow, however, until I read your thoughts and description of what you were trying to do here. The characters were wonderfully displayed, the "confrontation" as it were was displayed quite nicely as I did feel they really had some kind of intimate past with each other. I do like her imagination pouring out on the page.

    I agree with you on keeping a tragic ending, gives more personality to the story I think.


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