November 2, 2011


As the spring blooms in glory,

As the daffodils chuckle away a story,

Joy and happiness swing melody,

Eventides come, Eventides go.

As the scorching sun boasts,

As the summer heat gloats,

Some fight to live,other live to fight,

Eventides come, Eventides go.

As the autmn leaves fall,

As the winter snow sneaks in,

Wriggle my heart for love once more,

Eventides come, Eventides go.

As the drisle of raindrops roll,

As the distant thunder scrolls,

Fight the fright,and heartbreak,

Eventides come, Eventides go.

As our lives wax and wane,

As our future, special and mundane,

It’s our history,the boon and the bane.

Make a difference,or just let go,

Eventides come, Eventides go.

Gyanban Thoughts - Each of our lives go through up's and downs, we get chance to make a difference in both these phases.However, in most cases we chose to ignore or forget about it. It's about making a diffenrece while we can, making each crest and trough count and make it worthwhile.Who knows there is realization, there maybe no tomorrow.

Written for onesingleimpression prompt - Sunset.


  1. lovely, a poetry after a long time, simple and beautifully crafted!

  2. a beautiful poetry Sir..

    Someone is Special

  3. @Thespeakingwood - thanks for appreciating.

    @Hope you re doing well - thanks for dropping by.

  4. I like your poem, G.B. The elements and the sun and the seasons come and go peacefully or strong. But always evening comes.
    Works with life too. :)

  5. such a wonderful poem. if it unique the way it rolls along.

  6. As usual your poetry is beautiful. The cycle of life portrayed through the change of seasons.

  7. I love your idea of coming and go...!

  8. This warmed my night. Thank you!

  9. It’s our history,the boon and the bane..... GB lovely poem and this line is the best one:-)


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