January 10, 2012


5 years in solitary confinement.
4 years in a padded cell.
3 years in rigourous imprisonment.
2 years in a regular prison
1 year in judicial custody.
Day 0 – parole turned down.

Countdowns are however always the same for both the lives.
Some guilty lives are forever innocent and some innocent lives are forever guilty.

Gyanban Thoughts -  this 55 fiction tries to capture the ironies of freedom.Classics like Papillion and Shawshank Redemption are some examples of how freedom serves as the sole motivation to sustain the rigours of prison. Beyond a point whether one is guilty or innocent does not matter - what matters is when will the parole come their way? History is replete with instances where innocent lives have been lost along side the guilty ones, to the shackles of time.

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  1. Time is of the essence when one is imprisoned I imagine.

  2. Ha ha ha ha...written like a Civil Liberties activist

  3. Who decides whether one is guilty or innocent? Court or your soul?


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Houses in flames,  and hearts ablaze streets in pain  and severed limbs strewn around In hate lies the heart, in rage lights the mind Tears ...