February 5, 2012

Everyday Love

That wet towel on the bed,
Dirty clothes and newspapers spread,
Your snoring rapture and my sleeplessness,
Of daily lives and daily mess.

Those frowning glances and channel switches,
Forgotten dates and mad cricket matches,
Your pointless limitless meetings
Of morning peeves and frittered evenings.

The irksome fights and the color of curtains,
Mismatched pillows and forgettable bargains,
Your flexibility and my perfection,
Of designed laziness and my instant action.

The sudden colleague and random invite,
 Junk food and my plight,
Your innocent look and my intrigue,
 Of wasted weekends and fatigue.

 Treasured love and priceless moments,
 Your constant chatter, and my silent nod.
Today they are my only conversations,
With a hanging photo on the wall.

Gyanban Thoughts - what we call irritation or frustration at one point in time,sometimes turnout to be the most memorable moments in our lives.This poem is written from a point of view of a woman remenicsing about her husband after his demise.This is set in an urban landscape by design,trying to capture the everyday lives and everyday issues of modern times.


  1. I like it. I absolutely love the last 2 lines! It fits the perfect stereotype of the married couple syndrome. hahahahaha.... and sad, very sad. Your workmanship of the multitudes of perspective are inarguably becoming much better.
    Keep up the good work.

    Tally o.

  2. Awesome!! "Every writer starts out wishing he was a poet, romances with short stories and then takes respite in novels" ....

    I could not have said so much in 3000 words - what you managed in a mere 100!! So sad .... this seems to be a common feature .. do head to my blog and read up "The Earrings" ... you'll know what I mean!

  3. Beautiful! Love how it's different from the usual love poetry (which focuses on the positives)...

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