March 16, 2012


The memories of that night,
a slightly lit hope and smoke
The darkness cloak fighting light,
rubbing hands and a fiery stoke

the flickering faces and those hazel eyes,
the drying water and parching throat,
shivering hope and involuntary fingers
rushing blood and an unfamiliar coat.

Splattered passion and faceless walls,
knocking fear and blind windows,
flighted stairs and grinded hope
Locked life and closed doors.

Pounding skin and a gagged heart,
stretched fear and sweaty calves,
moist nape and clawing mark
choked love and a life halved.

Gyanban Thoughts - This poem, if I may call it so, is written keeping key elements of fear,and love in juxtaposition.This experimental and probably does not confirm to any poetical norms, not that i care or understand much.But the point is that I enjoyed writing it,especially the dark claws and hence the title claws - trophobia. Perhaps someday this will or might be considered for a movie caption or title while using the poem as a narration. And if it doesnt, i ll still feel ok.

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  1. Stunning play of words GB!

  2. The mix of love and fear rarely fails to give a sort of thrill to the reader's mind. I enjoyed reading this. Well penned. :)

  3. Whoa..i m stopping here, after a long while- superb,

    "Locked life and closed doors" - Love that line -though depressing ofcourse.

  4. Profound and cerebral ... great play on words!

    How do you do it? And make it look so simple too, all the time, every single time?

  5. @Purba - Thanks I am glad you liked it.

    @Enigmatic Soul - True. Fear of losing your love always gets connected to some resident fear.Thank for appreciating.

    @Viyoma - good to see you back after a long time.Thanks for appreciating.

    @Roshmi Sinha - You write some amazing posts with a huge amount of research thrown into it. How do you do it ? Everytime ?

  6. uhhh it really took some time for me to feel it. Definitely no offense all I mean is the deep meaning was too much for me. I enjoyed it though.

  7. @Sushma - welcome to Gyanban - yes this poem is a bit complex,but come to think of it,all my poems are complex, in fact I dont even call them as poems, they re merely a few random lines of thoughts if you ask me.

  8. Well penned, reminds of a scene from a horror story.

  9. Your random thoughts may help fill the void of another. I like your attitude and I would encourage you to keep doing what you do.

  10. uncanny connection.. : ) nicely written..

  11. good play of words.


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