March 4, 2012


The reminiscent path of a lonesome teardrop
Of feelings buried and passion unstopped,
Cloaked  beneath the smiling lips,
Of forgotten shores and empty ships.

The careless wind and heedless locks,
Of the wandering keys and still clocks.
Cold waters and snow blinds,
Of memories and milestones left behind.

All that remains today in the deep underground,
Some silent smiles and lost tears unbound,
Of buried love you will never unearth,
The Eden underground & the barren land above.

Gyanban Thoughts - some lives are never found, buried deep within, some feelings are never unearthed lost somewhere deep underground.As time passes us by and end comes close the heart yearns to find the un found and bind the unbound.

Written for Onesingleimpression prompt :Underground
Image courtesy : here


  1. Wow, I love well done filled with darkness, as it should be. We have to face the dark before we see the light~
    Well Done, I have to read it again ;D

    1. Thank you for the kind words.Please do read again and let me know if you found a different angle to it.!

  2. Very nice piece! Well done!

  3. This is very good.. I liked reading it intensely..

  4. Heart felt!

  5. oh this is beautiful..and i mean it..

  6. Such a beautiful write, heartrending.

  7. @CC Champagne,Ramesh,drieskewrites,Lori,Booguloo,Alka,Karen - thank you all for understanding and appreciating the poem.I am glad if it touched a chord somewhere.

  8. I feel the weight of that buried love in these lines.

  9. Nice melody and ring. And I also liked the rhythm.
    Best, M.

  10. Profound! Wonder how you do it though, seems so effortless.

  11. @sandycarlson - Amglad it touched a chord somewhere,thank you.

    @Mary - Thanks for dropping by and appreciating my work.

    @Roshmi - Appreciate your kind words. and I am glad you liked it.


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