February 17, 2012

Vital Signs

Street lights blink,

Life walks by silently,still

Hurt speeds by the curve,

Unknown fate meets the violent blood,

Stolen screams of the muted eyes

Reminiscent  breaths of a fleeting soul,

Yet a joyous birth tears away,

and yet again love awaits

at the crossroads,

Looking for the vital signs.

Gyanban thoughts - Life is about moving,even after we die isnt't it ? Love is unending , untiring in spite of the most savage attacks that death has to offer.Hope keeps us alive as love replenishes it time and again.This world needs love,a lot of love,and peace will come if our hearts make space for hope.Believe it to see it.This poem is for all those people who have lost their good friend "hope" somewhere behind in life and miss the vital signs of love.

written for OSI

image courtesy: here


  1. this is what they call 'visual' writing - every word was a picture..... beautiful tragedy..

  2. loved this one.

  3. Now it's there...now it's not..And we are left alone to cope with the loss.

  4. i like the line "Unknown fate meets violent blood"

  5. life flashes by as i read it. true n well written.

  6. @nirvana - Thank you for appreciating.

    @Vidhyanair - appreciate it.

    @Purba - spot on!

    @Gauri - thanks - it was designed to have a visual impact on the reader.

    @Swapnp - thank you.


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