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Wind Beneath My Wings - VI

With that he left on his journey, to win over his love. He gave up everything he owned, leaving everything behind,  and went in search for his beloved Rosalyn. It took him four days to track her down  – unlike earlier when he had all his fathers’ resources at his disposal, to track people, without having to worry one bit. That’s when he had all the privileges and powers to find information as and when he wanted.

Doing it alone was rather difficult. But love conquers all fears and hardships alike. He walked the busy streets of Kolkata bumping and jumping, skipping and hopping – and it felt great. He had never imagined love would make him so relaxed. So spectacular, so illogical – that even in the middle of a maddening traffic and chaos he found peace, in the middle of heat and sweat he found serenity, in the middle of hustle, bustle and jostle, he found space. And in the middle of a small cubicle in a small dingy office, he found Rosalyn tucked inside.
It didn’t take long after that to…

Wind Beneath My Wings - V

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The boy’s story goes back a long way. He fell in love with her ever since he saw her  standing quietly at a funeral four years ago. Odd place to fall in love you might think, but believe me, when love happens it does not look at time, age distance or location. It just sucks you inside this massive whirlpool.

He lived in a world that had everything. Best wine, women, luxuries, opulence and led a fantastic life, or so he thought at the time. People appreciated his intelligence and sharpness. He was well built, did his job so well that his adversaries feared his presence. And on the other hand he had a loving father and some good friends. People loved his father and respected his opinion so much, that it surprised him sometimes on the blind faith they had in him.
Though most loved him out of fear for who he was – such an oxymoron isn’t it? How can fear and love co-exist? He always questioned it – and landed in some argument or the other. Fath…

Wind Beneath My Wings - IV

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Time was running away from him, and he had to catch it before it was too late. After all he did not come all this way to go back empty handed. The task at hand was rather bizarre – he had to make a girl fall in love with a rank stranger ,like him, before it was 10:10PM that day.To be fair he did not know about this fine print until much later in the day.
Love was perhaps the last thing on her mind, much like the last compartment on that train, or maybe that was just a co-incidence I noted. But something had to be done, and done now ,lest this time might never come back again.

As the train moved, he thought about it for a moment, reassessed his credentials in his mind. He came from a well-to-do family, was well educated and should I say, well travelled. He was family oriented and women found him attractive…or so his father told him ever since his mother had passed away when he was a child. He dressed well and had good manners as a part of his family t…

Wind Beneath My Wings - III

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It was exactly four years ago that Gerald her fiance, had broken her heart. He had drunk one too many, and met with a fatal accident in spite of her repeated pleas to not drive rashly. The strong breeze and helmet muffled the pillion riders voice from behind as Gerald sped on his Yezdi motorcycle completely ignoring of the oncoming car on his right. She had miraculously escaped death herself, but Gerald couldn’t make it.
 At his funeral, she stood still, emotionless, without a tear. Being the sensitive and an intense type of a girl, she had got into depression over the next few months. She didn’t eat ,sleep or do anything. The scene haunted her over and over again. But life had other roads planned for her.

Their difficult financial situation played a perfect conduit for her to get back to normalcy. There was no choice but to work ,to keep her family running. That’s how she took up a lowly paid ,but secure job, in a computer-training institute as a…

Wind Beneath My Wings - II

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Her family was small, a retired mother, and a younger brother still in school. Her father had passed away and since then the Gonsalves family led a quiet, almost reclusive life in a small rented house fifteen minutes away from the Kalighat Metro station. Her mom, a teacher at Loreto, had requested an extension at the school, but was refused. The entire pressure of running the household was on Rosalyn.
The best years of her life were running away. Marrying someone in the community didn’t work out for her. Besides she didn’t have too many examples to rely on ,either the one at home, or her close friends. Most of them had either broken homes or were in a living hell and some of the good ones, were either taken or dead.

Rosalyn was never late for office,but today everything got delayed quite uncannily. Usually, Rosalyn always reached work by 8:00 AM -just before the boss arrived, and left by 8:00pm - just after boss’s exit. The metro station was located below her office and jus…

Wind Beneath My Wings - 1

If love is a trick, it would have a beginning and an end, but what lies in between is magical.
Come to think of it, his love story was rather simple. A girl falling in love with a boy, how difficult or complicated could that be? Not much I thought at the start, its just that the circumstances surrounding it, skewed the gravity of it all. Although it might be fair to say, not everyone experiences this magic, but this story had no dearth of it. To begin with the name itself fascinated him and then when he saw the accompanying work of art with it, he really fell in love hook line and sinker.
I am talking about Ms.Rosalyn Gonsalves. Let me take you through a day in Rosalyn’s life,well not just  any  day, it was a special day, where it all began,and perhaps ended, where her routine and predictable life met the charm of unpredictability and perhaps a shock of reality. I guess morning never shows the day.…

Rosalyn did not look thirty-two at all. Her tall yet curvy figure was a perfect distracti…