May 28, 2012

Wind Beneath My Wings - VI

With that he left on his journey, to win over his love. He gave up everything he owned, leaving everything behind,  and went in search for his beloved Rosalyn. It took him four days to track her down  – unlike earlier when he had all his fathers’ resources at his disposal, to track people, without having to worry one bit. That’s when he had all the privileges and powers to find information as and when he wanted.

 Doing it alone was rather difficult. But love conquers all fears and hardships alike.
He walked the busy streets of Kolkata bumping and jumping, skipping and hopping – and it felt great. He had never imagined love would make him so relaxed. So spectacular, so illogical – that even in the middle of a maddening traffic and chaos he found peace, in the middle of heat and sweat he found serenity, in the middle of hustle, bustle and jostle, he found space. And in the middle of a small cubicle in a small dingy office, he found Rosalyn tucked inside.

It didn’t take long after that to track the path to her residence. He was always on the lookout for a perfect opportunity to meet her and let her know of his feelings.

This is where I come into the picture. Why you ask ? Who am I you ask ? You ll have to wait just a little longer till the boy and girl story comes to a conclusion. Till then hold on to your wild horses.
You see ,without giving away my side of the story, I can only share one thing – that time was most critical in my job. Albeit I was unsure, it was upto me to remind the boy that he had little time left to win over his love. The date was pre-decided as February the 14th and time was 10:10PM. Its another matter that before I could do that someone else did.

Today was February the 14th and it was already 9:44PM.
He was already inside the train, as he spotted her from the window, rushing in to the platform.

As he turned around to expect Rosalyn enter then compartment, he saw a strange man, dressed in a pristine white suite sitting beside him. He was startled. It was a new feeling to be jolted out of the blue, and yes it was scary. A feeling which rarely or never occurred to him in the past.

The man sitting next to him seemed strangely familiar, but he just couldn’t place him – when or where did he see or meet him? Though what distracted him the most was the three piece white suite on a week night. Lets call him Mr.White for now.

 Suddenly Mr.White spoke - ‘Its time and you need to know’ he said calmly looking into his pocket clock.

He was puzzled, dumbfounded. Why would a rank stranger say that to him? He managed to gather his thoughts and regain composure.

‘What do you mean?’ he blurted.

‘Look you don’t know me, but I do know you, and you have to believe every word I say, in the interest of time’ – suddenly there was a sense of urgency in his voice.

‘Do you know what time is it?’ he asked.

He looked at his wrist watch and it read 9:46PM.

‘You have precisely 24 minutes to let Rosalyn know you love her and get her out of the train before 10:10PM.’ Mr.White said hurriedly.

‘W-what do you mean?’ He wondered why time was relevant?  Well the obvious was that the train reached Kalighat station at 10:10 PM.She would alight and he would have follow her till he found a right moment, perhaps at “Gazebo” the katti roll shop – so it was fairly covered – or was he missing the point somewhere?

‘Look I cannot share much but this is your chance – I know how much you love her – so don’t waste any more time to think – just do it.’

The boy was petrified now. His heart was pounding harder than a blacksmith hammering his horseshoe. His head was spinning and the world around him was going in circles.
Before he could ask another logical question, Mr.White– the stranger was gone.

That’s when he decided to walk up to Rosalyn.

The sliding doors opened and she hopped on to the train. She held on to the handlebars & moved back towards the last compartment as the train moved forward. Rosalyn took a moment to gather herself, her bag and sat down comfortably.

It was 9:48PM. 22 minutes to go.

The boy snapped out of his stupor and came back to the present – when she interrupted loudly.

‘Excuse me mister – please leave me alone else I would need to call the police.

‘Sorry b-but please don’t misunderstand me, I just need a few moments to explain’.

‘I am sorry but I am not interested to listen anything from a rank stranger’ she protested.

He looked at the watch again – 9.50PM.Mr.White’s words were ringing his head.

There had to be some way he could get Rosalyn to believe him. She looked annoyed and he looked helpless. He stammered, stuttered and mumbled before finding clarity in his voice.

‘I’ve come a long way to meet you Rosalyn – I have given up everything I ever had, or ever wanted to have. I have left behind my family, my friends, my job, everything – just so that I could spend my life with you.’

‘What are you saying –I am not sure I understand’ she said in a relatively concerned tonality.

‘Ever since I saw you at Gerald’s funeral, I ve been watching over you, taking care of you every now and then. Trying to protect you wherever possible.’

‘What – you’ve been stalking me?’ she interrupted.

He could’ve protested, but stopped.

‘Listen, you’ve got to believe me, I don’t think we have much time – lets get off the train in the next stop and I will explain everything.’

‘What? Are you crazy – that’s not where I get down’ the anxiety was back in her tonality.

‘But we have very little time.’ I insisted.

‘Ok now hold on a second mister…’ she paused.

‘Who – are you?’ she implored sternly.

‘I – my name is Gabriel Osborn Daniel’ he said politely.

Rosalyn’s look softened a bit, not because she liked the name, but the fact that  she was a bit confused, yet he could sense something inside her was connecting to what he’d said.

Gyanban Thoughts -   Part VII tells you why Gerald is desparate to takr Rosalyn with her.

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  1. hey GyanBan, you REALLY need to publish the next part soon,because I am dying out of curiosity to know the further part of the story.Its really gripping !!:D:D:D:D
    Keep the good work up always :D:D


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