September 29, 2012


A bleeding streak braves,
Nonchalant darkness
Hope ,naked stark, waits beneath.

Illuminating in its journey,
Darkness waits patiently,
Love drops, wet the sheath.

Rise and fall ,enthrall
Deep inside is god
and devil lies beneath.

Gyanban Thoughts - A haiku series tied up as a full length poem. The attempt was to draw a parallel with an object and a feeling.Lot of images came to my mind,a comet,hope, light and darkness. Note a faint underlying double entendre with the devil's angle.There s some imagery around the act of making love and the intensity of it all.

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  1. I make it a point to read Gyanban thoughts at the bottom of your posts.That helps in better understanding and appreciation of your poetry :)
    Much thought in minimal words..nice!


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