October 9, 2012

Monalisa Smile

Walking by the art gallery Rebecca was lost in thoughts of her daily life.

'What a wasted life - the artist in me has died' she brooded.

'My life is all about duty' she said looking at the famed replica.

'And look at you – smiling for centuries’.

Rebecca’s mobile was buzzing, it was from an unidentified number.

She disconnected it a couple of times,but the caller persisted,finally she took the call.

‘Who’s this?’

A feeble woman’s voiced spoke -‘Smiles carried me through the miles of time’

Trembling, Rebecca looked up at the painting again – Monalisa was smiling.

Gyanban Thoughts : and the mystery continues....

image courtesy : here


  1. Can you please forward my number to Monalisa?

  2. Looks like fatigue!! Rebecca badly needs rest!
    Or a new gimmick by the girl on the phone to make Rebecca purchase something that she does not need!!

    1. Very very possible ! Monalisa spa was just around the corner :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Now this is a good one :-) keep up the thrill Gb!

  5. Interesting..I am curious as to why she was smiling.

  6. Good one sir :) a smilie for the smiling lady and the intriguing post :)

  7. I am all smiles now...
    It is also said that monalisa was actually a man dressed as a woman :)


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