January 1, 2013

Unwrong the world !

Global warming , nuclear threat,

Who cares ,my needs should be met.
Pollution and the greenhouse effect,
Oh dont you fret.

Sandy Storm and the fiscal cliff
Why is my God so miffed?
Mindless violence and sorrows deafen
Adam‘s gun is a momentary orphan.

Dicey Obamacare and Libya
Healing wounds, wounded heels.
Honest corruption in India.
Gang rape of life and media.

Happy and Gay in dismay
Legal eagle and people sway.
Erupting Syria in disarray.
Delayed justice in the way.

Terrorism and their clan,
Selective reading of the Quran.
Water is in short supply
Tempers boiling nearby.

Dogged man and human chain
Tested faith unforgiving pain
Doomsday night never came
Salvation regains its name.

Where are we headed,what do we gain?
Crossroads ahead for the DNA strain.
Yet another moment goes by
Wonder if God fell out of the sky?

Gyanban Thoughts: Where do we begin fixing things? What else will it take? What are we doing to change ourselves?


  1. All this is, I think, is because we have distanced our self from God, have forgotten our roots and have started thinking twice before behaving as human beings.

    1. Wonder why He was conspicuous by his absence?


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