March 16, 2013


A young executive was nervously biting her nails.
The interview results were just announced. Her name was missing.
Her shoulders sank and tears flowed.
A retired father & an ailing mother waited outside in a rickshaw.
She picked up her bag & slowly walked towards the exit, when she heard
‘These names can leave,thank you’.

Gyanban Thoughts : A 55 word fiction about how people go through so many emotions in a short span of time.Interview results churn out the most emotions if you need the job badly.So many lives are impacted and they go through the same emotional turmoil.Lets hope someday everyone gets the job they want without having to go through this roller coaster ride.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. nice :)
    55 words did convey a lot !

  2. I was trying to imagine the reaction of that girl. She must have been elated, but was she crying?

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  4. Good one GB. Loved it.

  5. Short and crisp..very nicely written

  6. You should be prepared for the interview as well. It requires a lot preparation, right knowledge and research.

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