March 10, 2013

The Shot

‘I want a cake,now.’ He screamed.

Sowmya looked back at him,and then resumed her cooking.

‘You are mean,its my birthday – I haven't eaten one in so many months.’

Sowmya didn’t respond.

‘Ok, I’m going out & wont come back’he said running out of the kitchen.

Sowmya shouted‘Appu,come back, now’ clutching the insulin syringe.

Gyanban Thoughts - Spare a thought for the scores of people who suffer from diabetes,more worrisome is the increase of childhood diabetes, something which was not that common a few years ago.Spare a thought for all those mothers who have to fight their emotions and cultural negligence to refrain their children from eating sweets,which in the Indian context is huge.There is a sweet for every occasion ,reason, or no reason. Childhood obesity begins from indulgence at home and serves as a root cause for most complications.


  1. Am glad u brought this up! people should be aware.

  2. The fast food culture and lack of proper exercise is the root cause of this rise in childhood diabetes. Parents will have exercise control over their eating habits and will also have to force them to spend some time in outdoor games to prevent their children from becoming obese and in the way prone to the deadly disease.

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    1. Welcome to Gyanban -thanks for reading!


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