April 28, 2013


Jogi shouted from the cliff – ‘see you bastard, I am alive’.
The path to freedom lay in front, he was about to be a free man now.
Serving a life term on a remote island was a curse in itself. But Jailer Romero made it a life worth giving up. On the first day of a prison term Jailer Romero would greet the new comer with a warm hug,clean him, inspect every crevice on his body,then dress him up and finally walk him to his cell and utter those famous lines- ‘You die only once,but I can make it happen every day’.

Jogi never fell in line.Obedience was the missing chromosome in his body.He tried escaping 22 time in the last 14 years.Solitary confinement,ice blocks confinement,food deprivation,the mummy trap and split eagle – these were Jailer Romero’s torture techniques or work of art,as he’d like to call it.

That day, Jogi came out of yet another solitary confinement. He was given water,some food,and a bath.He slipped in the bathroom and injured himself.He lay there motionless,not enough energy to scream,not enough resolve to pick himself up.The attendant promptly forced open the door and alerted Jailer Romero.

Jailer Romero remarked‘Slippery when wet, eh?’ 
Jogi looked up feebly and smiled ‘its easy to enter or exit when its wet’
Jailer Romero landed the baton on his shin and said ‘well we need to make the surface rough in that case’.

Jogi had to be taken to the hospital to repair the shin bone and ruptured veins. Not the one to sit still,he created a ruckus in the helicopter.It crashed  and with it, his hopes of escaping the island.

But he picked himself up yet again.

Jogi shouted seeing Romero running towards him ‘See you bastard,I am still alive.’ And then he jumped into the blue ocean below.

Jailer Romero stopped running,he paused to catch his breath and then smiled.He thought about the long iron spikes he’d nailed into the surface of the mountain.Each bent skywards to catch the prey.

Convicted rapist Jogi lay blood-splattered, spread eagle on the iron spikes, much like Kimberly Romero,whom he pushed from a construction site 14 years ago, and Jailer Romero laughed looking down from the cliff and said ‘rest in pieces - ironic isn't it?'

Gyanban Thoughts - inspired by Papillion or Shawshank , such great works of art. This is more of an ode to those masterpieces.

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  1. Well written. I liked the part which says," you die only once but I can make it happen every day"......:-)


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