May 11, 2013

For Getting Her...

Hetal,When will you go?

I will, I will, just a little bit more time.

I cant wait any longer.

Why are you getting so impatient?

Because It hurts.I can’t eat.

Ma,I will change the nurse.

Hetal Desai,42,CEO of Jamnabai Industries walked out of the room.

Jamnabai slumped back on her pillow with a glass of water.Trying to wash away the bleeding gum.Her tooth ache was unbearable, like a nail hammered into a bone.

She knew the pain quite well.She’d first felt it thirty five years ago. First for carrying 

Hetal and a scorching sun on her back for 12 kilometers  and second, for getting her to the dentist to remove her wisdom tooth.

But today,she did not recall any of it though,she was just another bed-ridden old woman.

Gyanban Thoughts -  Little do parents realise,that the race they make their children ready for,is sometimes the same reason they are left behind.There are scores of small incidents strewn through our lives which we realise only when the tables turn.This Mother's day lets celebrate the precious moments we ve missed out.

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  1. Your posts convey so much in such less words!Beautiful <3


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