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May 17, 2013

Walk Back

Take me back
To those forgotten lanes
Of lazy Sundays and mundanes
When business was just a word
We seldom heard

Take me back
To those roads with no ends
Boundless laughter and endless friends
Of games that never end.

Take me back 
To those highways
Wind on my face and  getaways
Those trains and torrential rains.

Take me back
To those uncased moments,
From that fluttering heart 
to that unbroken dream...

Take me back
To that first look
That magical feeling
Reading a little storybook.

Take me back
To that tender hand
The clenched fist
and that draining sand.

Take me back
To never come back
To stay and remain
In the corner house
down the memory lane...

Gyanban Thoughts - Just a few lines dedicated to the memories strewn through the journey of life.All of us at some point sit back and reflect on time that has passed and the time yet to come.


  1. Lovely poem GB...brought back so many memories:-) beautiful words.....

  2. "Take me back
    To those highways
    Wind on my face and getaways
    Those trains and torrential rains."

    Another day, another world, gone forever...only memories remain. Good one GB

    1. Memories are the only milestones that never end...

  3. Wind on my face and a getaway is what I need right away.


    1. Dont we all? :-) thanks for dropping by...

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