June 9, 2013


She stood in a corner,
watching the milestones go by,
her forehead frowned
as her reality drowned.

Deep inside it hurt no more
The cut was rare and blood oozing
She didn't know him or love him,
But her life changed on a solitary whim.

When the eventuality happened,
reality looked grim
she picked herself and walked
with her strength within.

Its about moving,not dying.
Its about living,and facing.
Its about fighting and wining,
Its about running,unstopping.

Gyanban Thoughts - A few lines dedicated to all victims of abuse,violence,atrocities. Don't lose hope, keep fighting and keep your chin up,there are good things in this world still and perhaps that's why its not stopped spinning.We don't have the answers now,but you have our prayers,and wishes, truly.

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