July 28, 2013

Ding Dung Bell

In a recent survey report, the finding suggests 1 in 10 passports are rejected while scanning at various entry points in Indian airports.

Returning NRI S Khan,a 45 year old adult male, was first greeted by the airport customs officer doubting his Passport credentials.

He tried to explain it was a reissue and not a fake new one,however the officer was not satisfied with his explanation.The state of insecurity,or over security in the system has reached epidemic proportions.

The scanner detected a gift wrapped box.Next his backpack  was torn open to search for some suspected device. The officer asked him to scan his finger one more time.This was harassment. On asking the reason was this extra security check the officer,pressed a button and spoke through the loudspeaker  with utter contempt.

The officer opined ‘Your gift has a strange smell’ An altercation ensued. Mr.Khan refused to open the gift wrap suggesting it was for someone special.

The Officer was furious and asked for an explanation.

Mr.Khan objected to this and said ‘its just a sweet and salt sandwhich’.

Not satisfied with the answer,he was further questioned on the metal cylinder he carried in the backpack.

‘It was just a telescope’Mr.Khan remarked getting increasingly frustrated.

The officer probed further and checked the sipper bottle suspiciously ‘Drink it’ he said.

Mr.Khan,a well known face on the popular National Historic channel felt humiliated at this treatment by a fellow countryman. The unsatisfied officer got out of his seat and checked Mr.Khan gift-wrapped package. He took out a Swiss knife and cut it open,only to find a pile of dung packed inside.

The officer fainted. Last known information of the officer was reported normal,from Nanavati hospital trauma center. After all sometimes in life, you  get to be the pigeon,and sometimes the statue. Ding Dung Bell !

Gyanban Thoughts : a satirical post, the words in bold letters were given in advance , and we were asked to construct a story using these words.The second instruction was to write it as a newspaper clipping.


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