August 6, 2013

Bus Stop

Waiting at the bus stop
I watch the wheels roll by,
Raindrops fall drop by drop,
Memories just walk by.

New tickets and old passengers
New colors on the same bench,
New clothes in the same soul
New roads with the same soles.

People walk,talk and pass by
two lips met in the years gone by,
Many coats later,I forget why,
Its just the lonely bus stop and I.

Gyanban Thoughts : Thoughts and memories pass by,some things change others standby, and some friends just fade away...On this friendship day remember the friends that used to be...


  1. Very deep meaning.
    Loved the last few lines.

  2. Ah - yes, you've put it so beautifully.

  3. lovely lines! times change but we realize we are the same and so are our basic surroundings! awesome :)

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