August 16, 2013

The Fan Magazine

He ran his fingers through her hair,felt her lips and caressed her nape. His eyes remained focused for the rest of the flight.

It was 6 years since he had fallen in love with her.Everyday,every minute,every second of his existence belonged to her.

Finally that day had come,when he was going to meet her.See her,in person.It was surreal.

He had goose bumps the minute his flight landed in Mumbai International airport.

After clearing customs, he walked to the taxi stand and asked 'Can you take me her residence?'
The cabbie laughed looking at the picture in the magazine and gestured him to hop in.

'You do look familiar - have I seen you somewhere?' the cabbie asked.

'No, not really, I don't frequent Mumbai much' he retorted.

Forty-five minutes down the road,the cab stopped ' this is where you need to get down sir' the cabbie said looking into his rear view mirror.

'But this is not her house' he said.

'I know - but this is where the search begins' the cabbie smirked.

'No no,you don't understand,I don't need to search her - I know where she stays - so please take me there.'he said.

'And why would she meet you?' the cabbie asked.

'What do you mean why- I've known her even before she came here'


'So , so that means she will meet me' he said emphatically.

'I mean when did you last meet her?'the cabbie asked.

'Oh - just last Tuesday, we met in a restaurant in New York, had  dinner together.'

'New york eh?'

He nodded.

After a brief pause the cabbie said 'you do know that you are crazy right?'

'Excuse me?'he said narrowing his eyebrows.

'Sulekha Khan is dead since 2001' the cabbie said.

'B-but how can that be, I just …' he trailed off.

'She died on that flight on September 11 - it was in the news - Film-star  Sulekha Khan 's tragic death' the cabbie said.

'Oh but this is impossible - oh what am I going to do now?' he said.

'Well, if you want I can drop you back to the airport' the cabbie offered.

'Err no I will get down here - if this is where I need to begin searching then so be it'

'Hello Mr. this is a cemetery - there is her grave here - that's it' the cabbie said.

'Exactly this is where I need to begin'  he said looking into the rear view mirror.

'You really are crazy - anyway, just pay me fare and do whatever you like.' the cabbie said turning around.

The man had gone.

There was no passenger in the cab…just an old magazine with Sulekha Khan on the cover.

Gyanban Thoughts : If stars go to the stars then why should the poor fan be left behind?

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