July 16, 2013

The Final Shot.

‘What kind of a name is that, Vidyutparna Godbole?’asked the producer frowning.
‘Its just a name’she said.
‘Change it – else no one is going to give you a lead role with that name.Audience likes to hear names like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone ,Priyanka Chopra ,Kareena Kapoor.’
‘They too,are just names’she said.

‘Well lady, you don’t have a job,you don’t look too hot,you won’t sleep for the role,and you are not ready to expose. So essentially you are here to waste my time.’

‘No sir there is talent,I can act’ she said lowering her head.

The producer looked and smiled ‘the door is on your left,and talent is pouring outside your highness’.

Vidyutparna knew walking out of that door would mean many more doors would close on her face.The producer was a well known man and had many hits under his belt.

‘I will do anything to get this role,and if that means I ve got to kill you so be it’she shot back at the producer.

For a moment it was believable.

‘Nice try,it doesn’t shock me. These stunts have been attempted by hundreds of women before’he chuckled.

She stood in front of his desk looking right into his eyes.
‘Like I said, the door is waiting for you’he gestured.
She pulled out a gun and shot him in the middle of his face. 
Just one shot, perfect.

She said looking around ‘Cut it. That was the final shot – pack up for today everyone.’

Gyanban Thoughts : A short story which leaves you thinking about the multiple options,possibilities the story could ve evolved and I'm thinking about it too...

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