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Extra Cheese & Diet Coke

If you are confident then you are arrogant, If you are a realist, then you are a cynic If you are balanced then you are mediocre.

If you are vocal then you are a rebel If you are quiet, then you are scheming If you are out of the box then you do not follow
If you are convinced then you are arguing If you adjust then you are spineless If you are dying then you never lived well
If you are taking the lead, then you are not collaborative If you are relaxing, then you are killing time. If you are being just you then you are self centered.

If you are rich
you had bad company
If you die poor
the didn't plan well

If you are beautiful
then its cosmetics
If you are ugly
then its the genes.

If you are plump
then you eat junk
If you are skinny
then you are fussy.
If you simplify. then you cannot handle complexity If you go into detail then you are nit-picking. Life is an endless loop You have no exit strategy….


Gyanban Thoughts : Sometimes in life, you are puzzled at the glaring opposites - everything you say or do can be per…

The Fan Magazine

He ran his fingers through her hair,felt her lips and caressed her nape. His eyes remained focused for the rest of the flight.
It was 6 years since he had fallen in love with her.Everyday,every minute,every second of his existence belonged to her.
Finally that day had come,when he was going to meet her.See her,in person.It was surreal.
He had goose bumps the minute his flight landed in Mumbai International airport.
After clearing customs, he walked to the taxi stand and asked 'Can you take me her residence?' The cabbie laughed looking at the picture in the magazine and gestured him to hop in.
'You do look familiar - have I seen you somewhere?' the cabbie asked.

'No, not really, I don't frequent Mumbai much' he retorted.

Forty-five minutes down the road,the cab stopped ' this is where you need to get down sir' the cabbie said looking into his rear view mirror.
'But this is not her house' he said.
'I know - but this is where the search begins' t…

Bus Stop

Waiting at the bus stop I watch the wheels roll by, Raindrops fall drop by drop, Memories just walk by.

New tickets and old passengers New colors on the same bench, New clothes in the same soul New roads with the same soles.

People walk,talk and pass by two lips met in the years gone by, Many coats later,I forget why, Its just the lonely bus stop and I.

Gyanban Thoughts : Thoughts and memories pass by,some things change others standby, and some friends just fade away...On this friendship day remember the friends that used to be...