January 23, 2014

Indelible India

Where we get fairness in a tube
and Taj Mahal is a lube,
Where  Balaji wines,
and Ganpati dines.

Where Bheem is a cartoon
and Lakshmi is a bai
Where Maula is found in malls
And Christ in stalls.

Where Akbar royally travels
and Spice is really a jet
Where corruption is a skill
and tears come on the will.

Where paroles are like a remote control
and people fight for channels.
Where reality shows drag and drift
and supreme justice is done in a lift.

Where mothers buy traditions
and fathers kill girls.
Where death is on every page
and rape has a blind spot.

Where support is not a family
and payers are alarmed
Where reliance is broken
and brothers in arms.

Where there is democracy in shouting
and silence in candles.
Where News anchors manufacture consent
and reality is conspicuous by its absence.

Where Chinese food is Indian
and Parathas are called wraps
Where butter is on a billboard
and water dries in taps.

Where movies escape reality
and your library is Facebook
Where deadlines can wait
and yet updates cannot be late.

Where opinions are cheap
and onions priced high
Where nominations are inherited
and inheritance is discredited.

Where Shivaji is the Boss
and Parvati is found in a cafe
Where God used to play cricket
and priests only collect tickets.

Where honking is a birth right
and road rage is a given
Where torching busses is a regular sight
and empty glasses start a fight.

Where science touches Mars
and originality is lost in scars,
Where you sleep peacefully at night
and the soldier is ready to fight.

Where scams are common wealth
and toilets promote public health
Where you crib and bitch , scream shit.
and yet you do nothing about it.

Gyanban Thoughts : India is a land of paradoxes and irony and we shout scream, discuss and debate...but like me, most of us do nothing about it. So if I am not going to do anything about the way my country is being run, then I give up the right to crib about how it is run and who runs it.I give up the right to feel frustrated,because this is the life I chose no one forced.and if one day I cant take it anymore, then I will do something about it and earn the right to question the system.


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