February 18, 2014


‘Is this your first time Shambhunath Das?’Jagan asked raising his bifocals.


‘Hmm, and you want a first timer?’

‘oh of course’

‘Ok good here are the photos take a pick’

’This one’

‘Hmm good choice - she is Maitri, brand new, just registered’

‘ok - what else do you want?’

‘Errm fair skin,well endowed,convent educated,knows computers..’

‘Maitri fits the bill,you sure you have the money,will you be able to provide for her?’

‘Yes I do,all my savings are in place and I will take care of her’

‘Please deposit Rs.50,000’ Jagan said readjusting his bifocals.

Six months later Jagan Sahay closed his matrimonial shop and eloped with Maitri Das.

Gyanban Thoughts - Sometimes when I read the matrimonial columns in the Sunday times I am appalled by the commoditising of a sensitive bond such as marriage.With such materialization comes crime.Frauds and cheats take advantage of ignorant people.This story comes with a twist in the end and clues lies in between conversations. The title of the story is quite apt, and I enjoyed writing this piece.


  1. Yes, this is an underrated issue and I am so glad you wrote about it.

  2. I found it really hilarious! Good write! Keep it up. (Chhotku's Bordi)


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