January 1, 2014

Real Dreams

Where dreams are real,
And life is fair,
Where love prevails
And hatred is rare

Where honesty prevails
And self esteem reigns
Where self discipline is first,
And ignorance is a shame.

Where we back each other
And live happily together
Where there is just joy
And and sadness is not a ploy.

Where everyone gets to eat
And no one is alone,
Where everybody Is safe
And they have a home.

Everyone says its just a dream,
And Reality will check.
Is there one who believes?
And not make dreams trapped in checks and balances.

Gyanban Thoughts: As John Lenon said dreaming together makes it a real. We all need to dream together and it will become real.So let live,let love,and if need be,let go. I wish all readers of Gyanban  a very peaceful and dreamy new year. May you all have the courage to make your dreams come true. Happy New Year!


  1. Awesome. Dreamers are there, but they tend to catch hold of their dreams and lock them away once the reality check has arrived.
    It requires a great amount of willpower to keep the dreams alive in spite of them.

  2. :-) nice GB, ,keep the thoughts flowing.

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