December 14, 2013

That old story

That old  photograph 
In the album of memories
Woke up old chapters and stories.

That unread letter
lost in-between pages,
touched many bookmarks.

That old perfume
Wrapped around her nape
Danced into dormant senses

That old bridge
She ran across last
Of untouched tears.

That old feeling
Of an aching heart
Choked with helplessness
That old window
Of an uninterrupted fall
Dying life and rising love.

Gyanban Thoughts : at times in life you stand and look back, that unbroken heart,that untold story,that frozen moment in time, just feels like it never went away.And yet you have moved so far away...


  1. And yes, yet we drift apart
    I loved every word of this poem.
    Resonates with me.

    How have you been?

    1. I am glad it did! Thanks for reading. I am doing good thank you.


  2. :-) reminded me of many things,nicely written GB

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