November 2, 2014


When the stars saw me as a boy,
They danced with joy,
They twinkled and shined.
They had found one of their kind.

When they saw my adolescence
It just made perfect sense.
The verve,love and confidence,
Proud of their created magnificence.

Then one day the lights came on,

They saw the lipstick I put on
You're not our kind,
How could we be so blind.

They wanted their star again
Even if the heavens didn't rain
Queer was not the same
Their universe would complain.

Walking alone on my way
A stranger stopped to say
You were born this way
Proud of my clay.

He asked me to try
and showed me why
I had the belief within
to light up the sky.

Continuing with the theme from the story "Missing",I'd written this poem but edited it out of the main submission.It was dedicated to Fanus Mistry,his struggles,his resolve,his passion and his victory.

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