November 6, 2014

The Perfect Symmetry

 After a tough day at work Sanjeevani Iyer stopped in front of the elevator door getting ready to go home.

She noticed that the elevator was at the fifteenth floor,that meant a five or seven minute wait. She pressed the down arrow and went  back to fidgeting with the phone.

A few minutes went by and she realized that she hadn't checked where the elevator was.She looked up to find the indicator blank. The elevator display did not show which floor it stopped.She decided to take the staircase ,but the door was locked.She turned around to see the opposite elevator display was blank as well.There was no exit from that floor.All doors were closed and none of the elevators showed any signs of movement.

Sanjeevani frantically dialled a few numbers only to realize that there was no network.The phone switched off automatically.There were five lights on the ceiling and each was switching off one after the other.The darkness in that square corridor grew deeper. She shrieked out loud.And then again.Suddenly she realized in a state of panic that she couldn't hear her voice.

There was no one else on that floor.There was in fact nothing on the floor.It was a perfect symmetry. Sanjeevani had never seen the elevator corridor carefully in all these years.Today she took notice.She noticed that the walls were coming closer, the corridor was shrinking.

She felt claustrophobic,couldn't breathe,couldn't move,shout or scream. It had become like a cage. The walls and the elevator door began closing in on her,while she tried to resist holding up her hands on either side ,but her resistance was no match in front of that massive force. The square tile she stood on had walls on three sides and the shrunk elevator door on the fourth side, each within a touching distance of the other.

And then it happened.

The elevator door opened and then it was a perfect symmetry once again.

Gyanban Thoughts : The title has a deeper meaning and therefore was apt for the story.The title Perfect Symmetry , has some more hidden inside it. Cemetery. The shapes, rectangle,square etc. are all by design in either scenarios isn't it? And that lays the fundamental premise of the story.

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