December 21, 2014

Case, History.

"Yes, that's how it all ended Mi lord" said Vera Wallace looking at the judge's hammer.

"Madam Wallace,you do realize what you're saying is quite bizarre?"the judged asked craning his neck.

"Yes Mi lord,it is what it is"she said.

"Well,in light of this new revelation,Madam Vera Wallace is guilty as charged.Sentenced to One year in prison and fifty thousand pounds as fine.

Vera Wallace was convicted,by self admission,for money laundering at Henry Brooks Trust.

One Year later,Madam Vera Wallace received a newspaper article in her prison mailbox.It read " Case closed : Killer not found". 

Vera let out a quiet smile as she scribbled "the wait is over".

Gyanban Thoughts : A classic heist /misdirection story. This needed a twist in the end to really kick into a larger, longer story but time is a luxury that few can afford.Note the little comma in the title,that's by design.

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