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Life Opposites

if you had two keys, you always open with the wrong one,
if you are patiently waiting in a queue ,some will always get a cab before you,
if you wanted to sneak past the boss's office door,
he will be waiting for you ahead on the floor,
If you eagerly open your emails for the impending promotion,
Buy your eyes pop out when you see there are escalations,
If you made up your mind to quit,
Boss throws a new carrot stick.
If you fired a guy for wrong doing,
HR comes back to you for being overbearing,
When you don't appreciate your boss' yell,
It's because you don't understand the culture well.
You decide to go have a fat free lunch,
The queue is so long , you land up with a pizza brunch.
The juicer grinder goes bonkers just when its your turn,
You get fed up and eat the Big Mac bun.
The day goes by without hoping much,
when you get the cost cutting crunch,
and then you think your savings will sail,
just then the ticker shows the markets fail.

Life has a fork at every bend and gap,
nobody …


It would be so interesting to know the correct way to lead your life isnt it ?
Career,Finances,Married Life,Kids,Responsibilities and the list is endless.
What I realize now, it 's just not about hunting and pursuing the right thing to do in life alone,it is also about
parallely making tangible efforts to kick start the effort. Otherwise it becomes paralysis by analysis.

I think the biggest fear factor is losing.If we can overcome the fear of losing then life would probably be much easier.
This fear stops us from doing or trying so many different things that life has to offer.
However , on the flip side, if we dont fear losing, we might lose interest in everything,nothing will enchant us, thrill us, scare us, lighten us,is that the life you want ?

So then what is the right path to true happiness.?
I thinking there isn't anything like true happiness. It s a perceived happiness based on the immediate circumstance one is in. our brain sets variable parameters for determining happ…

Dream Chronicle 1

I've been toying with this idea for s about "chronicling" the dreams that are best remembered..who knows someday they might begin to make sense ?
In many of my dreams ,I ve seen my self in totally alien someone else's family,watching over a regular every day scene, I can recall alarming details of the people, their outfits,their names,color of the environment,time of the day or night, and funnily enough as much as I know that dreams are symbolic representations of things/events from the past, none of the things that i ve seen in the dreams has ever occured in my life, or is even remotely close symbolicaly to the events in my life so far...

As an example - I would dream of Mr. X ,his family, his house, his environment in complete detail...without ever having been exposed to anyone remotely named or described like that in my life.

So i ve decided to capture as many such dreams as possible from now on...

February 3 ,2009

The scene - A big two stor…