March 31, 2009

Past Time Passed

Somehow,there's a strong pull from the past.There's a strong urge to go back in time.I don't know why.It is such a dichotomy,that I am perfectly happy and content with present and worrying about the future,that from time to time I have this intense desire to go back in time . What if we had a chance or a choice to relive our lives all over again...chances are we would do the same things that we did back it is a part of our inherent personality.However, if we could go back in time with the knowledge and information that we have as on today....then it would be interesting.Imagine this - if all the people in the world could do this...history would be re-written.

While most people would change their mistakes or wrong decisions, the other set would re-work their failures or enhance their evils.They would eliminate the reasons or factors for which they got caught or booked by law.The knowledege of their downfall will make them rework their plans and wreak newer and even more deadlier evils.So then the cops or the anti evils would also change their approaches accordingly.With the knowledge of how their fuguitve got away or plotted something evil will help them better plan tactics to apprehend them.

So you see the history will be certainly re-written again...however the pattern will be the same.Only the variables might change.
In effect, we might be in the same situation that we are in now! So it is better that we live in the present...worry about the future and certainly leave some to the X factor or super power, or God however you may choose to address it.

Beginning and ending are pre set.It 's the journey within which needs to be taken care of.Largely dependent on cause-effect.And some of it depends on stuff that we dont know yet or understand yet....

March 30, 2009

Life book

I think we should all maintain a life book.
It should be a list of things that we want to remember and learn from.The people who have affected our lives,or changed our thought process.The good things that have happened to us each year of our existence.The bad things as when we sum it all up in the end or even periodically,we know how we stand in life.No bull shit.

the reason this thought came to my mind was because I figured we are always wanting...ok cribbing ! Our systems environment [for lack of a better expression] is so designed that we are driven into this want cycle.Not having this want makes us feel bad.Chasing this want is the sole obsession of this about not want for a change? How many times have we curbed our thoughts with I don't want this ?

It also seems to me that people are attached to each other because of wants.There's some need quotient or need index every one has..and is attracted or repulsed in accordance to the availability of it.How many people do we know in our society today who are wanted even if there NI is low ?Or how many people with a low NI have many people around them ?It s usually nature that they re left with !

We need to exit this want cycle somehow.There's got to be some kind of mechanism to work around this...not get distracted temporarily but to detach permanently? The NI is so high...that right at this very moment my mind is revolting..saying naah...this is for the folks who ve probably lost it...the impatient mind says dont wory you can have this no want status after you ve got everything.So keep at it till then.

Some of my thoguhts say how many have the courage or opportunity to do this ..or think like this when the immediate need of the hour is to say save your life or feed your child or else...for them all of this flies out of the window...philosophy is best left to airconditioned offices or study rooms for them.Page3 philosophy.
So not having a philosophy is a wise idea? I dont think so.No matter what our want index scores, there s some element which whispers or screams as the case maybe,about our state of mind,body and actions.

Make a difference to someone somewhere positively...positively somewhere someone will make a differnece for you.

March 24, 2009

Dream Chronicles Vol 3

Had a couple specific dreams again over the last few days.

It s about noon, with some clouds - there are two buildings about 5 or 6 floors each ,facing each other, the design is like a semi circle , the visual is like a green film on a camera, light green to dark as we look inside,somewhere inside there is a ball of light,there are two sets of people,in either building or structure, each trying to communicate something incoherent, i am watching them stare at each other with anger but no words come out...

i have a feeling that the solution to their situation lies within me or with me or else why would I need to be there at that location ? also somewhere i got a feeling that is scene is happening ahead of our times somewhere in the future...

Analysis - Well - i haven't seen any futuristic scifi movies of late, neither have I seen any such remarkable buildings other than workplace,nor do I hold a key to any significant problem.! in my conscious life.
I have no clue why I have these dreams.Especially when I am totally disconnected with the events happening in the dreams....I guess will find out someday...

March 12, 2009

Dream Chronicles Vol 2

It is a cloudy breezy mid morning,there's a building near the sea shore,it s a cold breeze,seems like a place up north somewhere,I enter the building from a door facing the empty land and trees behind...It s a circular lobby,rather large, with a central pillar and a spiral staircase.i go up to the first first floor, but it feels like a lot more in height than a regular first floor.There are people in the room, cannot see them clearly,but can feel a lot of blurred activity in the background.i can see a window right in front of me, long rectangular wooden window and a strong breeze blowing in from the ocean.i hear some faint noises , i run to the window and look down.someone at the ground level is trying to give me something as a part of the process, felt like as if I am a part of a chain ,except that I wasn't receiving it,and then the man screamed to take it and hurled,what seemed like a book, to me.not being able to catch it I saw the book floating down ,but the man had disappeared . I frantically ran down the spiral stair case and went around the building to look for the man and the book.As I was running i realised the ground beneath had suddenly become soft...seemed like a marshy land or quicksand...I did not get stuck but I stopped and looked up amazed.....

The alarm went off and i got up...! Well I have no clue why I had this dream, pretty vivid, and something which ended rather abruptly...and again I remembered the sequence as against some of my previous few dreams which I have had no recollection whatsoever.

Sometimes I feel we must be a part of a big plan by someone,GOD ? ,Nibiru ? or something totally different, and sometimes I think that none of it is true,life is how it is ...we re born, and we die..we don't go seems pretty logical..anything which has a beginning has to have an end.Sometimes I feel being a part of someone plan may not be a bad thing at all...history is replete with instances where mankind has done exceedingly well when they are a part of a plan, given directions , and given a task at hand..whether for good or bad.
So are we headed somewhere ? I have a might become a little more complicated than what it is now.Big deal ? yes, because eventually Religion,Politics and Science are going to divide this world in two distinct halves - believers and non believers.Or there could be a scenario that all of these 3 elements could converge to be one. P-P-T = people process and technology can become one...maybe the God almighty is the perfect combination of these three elements.

The supreme being .God.ultimate scientific breakthrough, all could mean the same thing.there could be only one universal religion,one universal God and one universally accepted fact that it is a creation of science or vice versa !
The skeptical side of me cuts away from this dream world and looks into the granular tactical aspects of life.
Do what you are supposed to do,expected to do,have to do,want to do.I think some intelligent life Nike figured this out pretty quickly...just do it. :-) i'd add..Get on with it.

That's what we have been doing all along isnt it ? just getting along,not stopping to think even once about why are we doing all this..and I can say if one individual thinks like that it is not going to make any difference.There needs to be a mass consciousness or mass awakeness ~for lack of a better word!

Fade away

and then, just like that, one day we will fade away, aging books on empty shelves, receding memories of ourselves, sail away l...