August 17, 2009

Just Frust.

Greg got his promotions,
Robin got his phone,
John got his donations,
and Jill got new home.

Sammy got to travel,
Sandy got relocated,
Rene's pierced her navel,
and Kevin got bloated.

Fiona got suddenly pregnant,
Ronci needs to show her figure off,
Murray says he is innocent,
Nika's shows belly buttons and a top off,

Vincent's New found love new found car,
Steve's the new superstar,
John's on with tequila swigs at the bar.
Annie's got a new scar,

Bambi's tattoo got no high,
Harry's sticking to his role,
Bally has found a new wife,
Rey's got a new mole.

Heavy's headed to the corporate,
Sammy's got a new team
Shelly is now desperate,
Danny is still living in a dream.

Lindsey the great nonchalant,
Honey boy is not repentant,
Rio's got a new job,
Hassy 's boss is a snob.

Baby stuck in this mad rush,
Baby thinks what's the fuss?
Baby has no where to go,
Baby has to watch the show...

August 7, 2009

Dream Chronicles 5

Well it's a rainy evening and i have just arrived from somewhere..this airport has a huge glass ceiling, and I can see the rain pouring on the roof and the ac is pretty cold inside.The place is brightly lit and serves as a contrast to the dark outside. I am rushing down the I know I have another long flight in a few hours time.

I check with the staff at eh counter and they suggest staying over rather than going out of the terminal and trying to get back in... I am visualizing the about the journey ahead...and realize it is going to be a long flight.So I decide to stay put in the airport..when I look around it looks like a circular terminal building more like a glass dome with a metal framework.

Next scene I recall is seeing snow on the roads,especially seeing the crystal edges of snow along the dark tar of the road....I am driving by and see some row houses rooftops covered with snow....

Cut to reality...I am not traveling to anywhere recently...and the closest to snow I recall is seeing a TV program on alaska on Discovery channel...besides if did have to travel then at best it could be to a tropical destination.

so then, it baffles me again as to why do I dream such specifics ? and about situations which I neither have in the past nor see any probability of being there in the near future...

August 6, 2009

Just right...

and I am not talking about clothes.
expensive linens or robes,
it's about the right fit you know,
a good fit will always show.

need a right fit for the home,
not a palace ,just a big dome,
Italian marble and granite,
a little to the left and a little to the right,
not too dark nor to bright,
just the perfect light,

need a right fit for the job,
somewhere that gives promotions,
regular commissions,generous appreciations,
but not too easy that everybody gets it,
not too minor that you won't value it,

need a right fit for the spouse,
o we accept everything without a grouse,
just make sure of the following,
we get this without asking,
not too fat ,not too thin,
a sharp nose and a cute chin,
intelligent enough to present to the society,
dumb enough not to resent the propriety,
smart to increase the savings quotient,
within the parameters of being intellectually innocent

need a right fit for the soul,
flexible but still have a goal,
flirt with the devil,sleep with the saint,
get carried-away with self-restraint,
cheat and be cheated,
it all evens out -that's decided.
Revenge and anger fill your heart,
love and passion a work of art,

what if He needed a right fit?
sanitize the devils gift,
repackage it as God's will,
expensive, but no frill,
would you buy it still ?

Fade away

and then, just like that, one day we will fade away, aging books on empty shelves, receding memories of ourselves, sail away l...