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‘This is it – I am done with you.

I cannot continue our relationship Ruby.’ Mr.Seth said coldly.

‘you can’t do this ,I’ve loved you so long’ said Ruby sobbing.

Roy went back to his life, his wife of 15 years.

Next morning at the AGM presentation, people saw Roy Seth &

Ruby Miranda's photo on slide 15.

Hell hath no fury like a mistress scorned !

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  1. Hey Gyanban! Sorry i did not understand the last line :S may be i missed out something or end of the long day my brain is not working.

    btw, you are attending Indiblogger bangalore meet? :) if so, hope to catch u there !

  2. Rajan - Ruby was the secretary to Mr.Seth,and they were having an affair,so when Mr.Seth decided to leave Ruby and go back to his wife, she messed up his Annual general Meeting presentation by inserting a slide which showed their photographs to the entire shareholder community !

  3. Hmmm...Revenge!! Rather ingenious revenge!!
    Good one! :)

  4. lol....interesting :)

    you might want to check it out!

  5. hehe. I dont know if I should laugh at this or if I should feel sorry for them.

  6. o o o Great! Moral of the story: Don't mix pleasure with business :P lol good one!

  7. Good story...Mistress taking a revenge but why wife allows him back? She doesn't deserve this...Actually she should take revenge!
    Btw I read all your "Aparajita" series and I liked It! Your style of writing is unique!
    I hope now I can say I liked your blog now! :-)

  8. There is no hint that wife takes him back..the story just showed Rohan Seth's point of view about going back.

    I am glad you liked Aparajita series,I think it was a complex story and it needs a readers attention and patience to fully relish the finer details hidden in the narrative.

    I think most writers are encouraged by genuine appreciation or critiquing.

  9. Hi Raaji - it depends from who's point of view you read the story.!

  10. Thanks Shilpa.You bet..and to share a secret this story was not far from reality.

  11. Rajan - yes indeed ! I am glad you liked it.

  12. Love hath been challenged? Superb 55 fiction on revenge!! :)

  13. this is terrific and I am smiling .. gotta do something like that very soon .make a slide show perhaps. awesome 55

  14. Thanks Vibhuti. am glad you liked it.!

  15. Whose AGM are you going to disrupt ? Ha ha Am glad you liked it !

  16. Hmm!! interesting will be an understatement.

  17. Good one. I am wondering how Tiger Woods Annual general Meeting presentation slide would have looked like :)

  18. 2 golf balls hitting a club !

  19. They sat in absolute silence, Rohan Seth and his wife of 15 years.
    "It's ok," she said. "No it's not, I made a mistake", he said.
    "No, really. It is ok. Rahul was to me what Ruby was to you. Now I'm guilt-free", she said, referring to her boss, without a hint of remorse or regret.

  20. Good one 7-ATE-9 so here's what happened next -

    Rohan Seth was stunned at the revelation.It was an emotional explosion.It hit him hard.
    His mind played games,he did not know what to do.He clenched his fist ,palms sweating,and heart pounding.he slumped on his writing bureau.His last memories were some papers,pens and a writing pad.

    Next day the papers screamed Rohan Seth stabbed to death.

  21. "Mmmmmhmmmm.... They think they can use Ruby and discard her like a piece of tissue paper. He's writing her a dumb letter, crying at the table, after what he's done to her. Now he can rot & write her from hell...", Ruby talks to herself in a sing-song way, all the while as she dries the knife and places it next to her other kitchen utensils.

  22. Just then there is a knock on the door.Ruby looks up…
    ‘who is it?’
    ‘It is Mrs. Seth.’ She said nervously.
    Ruby froze for a moment. Then opened the door with a smile.
    They looked into each other’s eyes with unflinching intensity.
    Mrs.Seth gave her lover an intense embrace…’I knew we would make it someday.

  23. Hehe...pretty interesting:)

  24. Seth's widow mixed 2 cocktails. The effervescence at the bottom of one of the glasses was coming from 2 tiny pills, now quickly dissolving. Ruby would go in her sleep in 2 hours. In her mind, she was spending Seth's 2 million dollars insurance that wouldn't be split in 2. "Lucky number 2?" she smiles to herself.

  25. ‘ No more drinks for me Roohi – feeling sleepy’ Ruby said refusing the drink.

    ‘‘are you planning to stay awake?’

    ‘No I ll be there in a few mins dear’ said Roohi

    Capitalism and fairness are strange bedfellows.

    Roohi switched off the bed lamp and slid under the quilt
    with a gun under her pillow.

  26. "Roohi couldn't pull the trigger....." she typed.
    7-ATE-9 isn't sure how to continue this chain-story.....
    She wonders what G is doing right now.....
    How does he come up with the exact, right thing to write....
    If only 7-ATE-9 could pick on his brain....
    Its gonna be "guns-lesbians-deceptions" in her dream as she plots in her sleep tonight.......

  27. He he..that's alright 7-ATE-9 - I think this spontaneous 55 marathon was quite interesting...and it has all the trappings of a good masaala thriller with twists and turns.Maybe someday I'll make a movie ! Lot of credit to you for continuing the story so far.

  28. you know, I just wish.... *sigh*

  29. Wow! Revenge can be had without blood and gore ... nice one :D

  30. Great one,quick and clean stab to get back

  31. Yes prophet666 ...surprises are most effective when the come from close quarters.

  32. Haha that was a good one :) Liked the bit added by 7-ATE-9

  33. Thanks Avada - all credit to 7-ATE-9 for the wonderful and spontaneous marathon...

  34. Lol..Tit for tat they say! :)


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