February 24, 2010


Let me pack some hugs,

Let me wrap some shrugs,

Let me untie your heart seams,

Let me fill your pockets with dreams.

Let me cook some embrace,

Let me garnish with some craze,

Let me relish the tug on the finger,

Let me serve the crawl on the shoulder.

Let me spray the cuddles,

Let me tie the hurdles,

Let me drive to the fun place,

Let me park the embrace.

Let me be your sky,

Let me be the path you fly,

Let me be the ground you touch,

Let me be the miss-so-much,

Let me be the wait at the goodbye gate,

Let me be the ache in the painful fate,

Let me be the repeat of every minute,

Let me be the hope in the infinite…

Gyanban thoughts - Heeya means "heart" . These are a few lines dedicated to those parents,who spend half of their lives providing for their kids,and the other half waiting to hear from them.Children never realize what those spent hearts and empty eyes mean as they race ahead with their lives. This poem is probably related to "Paa" read it.

Oh yes, this is my 100th.


  1. :) superb...and something we realize only when we become parents....God Bless!!!

  2. Touch wood!

    BTW...as long as she doesn't get her looks from her dad and gets a fair share of her mother's brains...she should do well.

  3. beautifull! I just showed it to my parents too and they loved it as well... :)

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  4. Very touching indeed.Without the explanation at the bottom it would've taken me a few more reads to fathom the inner meaning...so it was quite helpful.

    P.S:Btw are you bengali?The use of the word 'heeya' prompted me to think so :)

  5. Beautiful!! Very poignant!

  6. he he that's alright. If you read this 30 years from now...it just might make a little more sense then ! :-)

    P.S - Heeya is just not restricted to bongland,it is also used in Rajasthani and some other dialects.

  7. Thanks Tavish and I am glad they liked it. My recommendation - read them the story Paa, and see the reaction.The link is given above.

  8. Yes Arpita,we only realize so many things when it is too late. Thanks for appreciating it.

  9. That was too good :) Now jumping onto paa to read it

  10. Mature and true. I loved the way you depicted the emotions while garnishing it with everyday relateable stuff. :-)

  11. :-) Touched my heart and soul! i can see inside your heart when i read this! Very well written.

  12. It is interesting you chose the word mature.
    am glad you liked it. thanks.

  13. aww thats beautifullll... lovely dedication..

  14. ah... I wish i could say this to a certain someone. Sigh.

  15. That was so beautiful. Just loved it !

  16. Its not the right time. Perhaps someday. :-)

  17. So touching! Leaves a lump in the throat!!

  18. Welcome to Scrambled Egg and thanks for your comment.

  19. Wow! Touched! Beautifully narrated. You have a way with words! :)

    Ps: Scanning through your blog today. :)

  20. Beautifully written. I wish every young boy and girl read this poetry which makes a lot of impact. Loved it, Gyanban

  21. Well I am glad you liked it sir.

  22. Thank you Ashley and welcome to Scrambled egg.!

  23. hi. I am Mani from Fried Eye and Ginger chai. First of all, thanks for your encouraging comments but Thanks a lot for that feed back in Seduction . It showed your sincerity in really reading it. Well I guess the 55 word limit restricted me or may be I am just hopeless with seduction :-). Pramathesh admires you a lot and keeps on egging me to take a tip or two from you.. so here I am and I am thankful to him that he directed me here.BTW we are hoping in fried eye that you debut soon

  24. Beautifully written.. Just hope people realise the sacrifice that parents makes for us.. But I guess in this materialistic worlds, tht too muchto expect..

  25. Congratulations on the 100th!.. Damn I have 98 more posts to read ;)

    Me new here. your ghost story and bloggabank lead the way :)

    Love the poem.. so sweet and so simple.

    Be back for more.

  26. Welcome to Scrambled Egg Rohini ! enjoy the bite.

    am glad you liked the story.Thank you.

  27. Congratulations on hitting the century :)
    Loved the poem, you create pictures with words :)


  28. You are so good at portraying serious issues oh so non-seriously Gyan.




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