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Au Contraire

You’d promised, to come and meet last time.

Just once, to clarify why you did it?

But you didn't keep the promise…or maybe didn’t want to.

And I remember promising you repeatedly - to never, ever, go back to you.

Today, I sit here alone and think, why did I not keep my word?

Gyan Ban Thoughts - Au Contraire means on the contrary. Every fight results in a new knot in the rope of life. Deep attachments lead to deeper hurt.Then before you know there are only knots in your rope..and it breaks under the slightest pressure.then when it is over,you sit down to think of what you did or what you said...and slowly it loses loses the sting.the raging anger turns to sentiment and floods back as love again.They leave you with a huge decision to accept the knots or simply move on.

As life speeds by,we come across these tests in our daily lives,sometimes ignorance is the solution sometimes dealing with it.Either decision has it s fall outs.hence difficult to make.There is no guarantee the next rope of love will be knot-free or continuing with acceptance will stop further knots.

Breaking the knot is perhaps not easy as one thinks.Love and time play their part.

Love conquers and time heals.


  1. Deep relationships when hurt is like a sword through one's heart.. still we take measures to fix them which is the beauty of it.. Good post :)

  2. Sigh - that is why I scarcely make promises.

  3. I simply think one should be treating the fights s bit lightly, not all of them are pivotal, that one has to decide whether to let go or discard. All the best things are not easy, requires many other thing, two of them being patience and understanding to hold on and nurture. If it is love in the first place....

    P.S. GB, the white of your blog background takes a lot of time to load, and the words remain on the dark blue-green so I have to keeping selecting your paragraphs to read... Not a good way to savour your pieces! Just letting you kno'... :P :)

  4. breaking the knot is tough, very tough... i had chosen to break it... I do regret it at times but, i feel that was the best thing to do in those circumstances... anyways loved ur post... keep them coming! :)

    btw I agree with Guria... the background takes a long time to come up...

  5. Love isnt easy. It takes a lot of patience and few compromises on both sides. If you truly love someone and even if they make you happy, you should nt let fights, ego etc to come in between as you will always end up with regrets.

  6. @Vibhushan - yup I think so too, keeping something going is far more credible than breaking it. Thanks .

    @Raaji - but for how long? I mean is that a solution ?

    @Guria - There are two things 1. A function of time 2. A function of frequency. These often come in the way of keeping fights simple...or inconsequential.So if you have a strong mind - then chances are you can overcome the matters of the heart.

    Yes - I can imagine this page loading to take some time - it would also depend on your network connectivity.I am at about 60mbps at home and it takes about 5 seconds..for any leser speeds it is going to be even more than 2 mins. in some areas/ - I am searching for a lighter template..but unfortunately find none to my liking.

    So my request to all of you would be to be a little patient..I ll make sure your wait is worth it.:-)

    @Tavish - Truth is, what you believe. The actions and the subsequent results complete the circle...though it is funny how some seriously good decisions turn out to be bad ones at a later point in time. am glad you liked reading it.Thank you.

    @Harini - yes absolutely- but I also wonder why? why is not easy?What can one do to make it easy? Ego is a tough thing to avoid.Best kept under control by using pragmatic thinking... but make no mistake it will be challenged at every step !

  7. This is a little marvelous post mister, but i better stay aloof of the hassles of love and stuff!!!

  8. been there done that!
    don't know what else to say..
    I would like to agree with the last line .. time shall prove..

  9. "Love conquers and time heals"

    Absolutely! And Thank God for that...

    P.S. In love there should be no space for ego too...

  10. Love....
    One of the most uncertain, volatile, anomalous, varying, undefined entities where perception and subjective interpretation takes over one almost impossible finite conclusion...
    Quite an Intriguing one...
    Keep expressing

  11. Very Touching indeed!! True love can cause a lot of pain and happiness at the same time. When you love someone deeply,u just seem to do anything and everything for that person.Never ever let ego creep into that relationship.Kill the ego before it starts harming!

  12. As I mentioned earlier, love your footnote thoughts :)

    Love is a happy feeling but over-possesive love, ego and expectations gives heart burn. But then being an idealistic lover free of all this is quiet a tall task.

  13. @Sid - thank you Mister well all i can is the more you resist the more it will persist...

    @aria - you needn't say anything if you dont want fact so much has been said about this topic in general that I sometimes feel is there a pattern to it all ? But am always surprised by the uniqueness of each relation..

    @Roshmi - yes indeed..but ego is something which keeps cropping up un announced..when you least expect it.

    @Mahesh -thanks am glad you liked it.

    @Sudeshna - if only you could be aware...then life would be so different.

    @Lakshmi Rajan - you bet - in fact i am tempted to say not having an ego is also not good.

  14. Love is almost like walking on a tight rope!even a small knot can lead to your fall.....but then falling in love is very easy isn't it?!:) only rising out of it isn't...

  15. @MagicQuill I even wonder why do people fall in love..why not rise?

  16. Love needs constant nurturing otherwise it just withers away. It dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

    When love dies, a part of us dies.

    Does time really heal?

  17. @Purba - sometimes hate liberates...and time heals.

  18. Does love really conquer always? Something to ponder on.....

    Time sure is a healer.With time the pain and agony diminish slowly, leaving behind just a memory.

  19. I strongly believe that time moves on for does everyone moves on with time...

  20. Time heals the deepest of wounds yet I agree that it also makes the wound fresh and bleeding if not taken due care.. The knots as you have mentioned in your post certainly makes the rope pretty awful and vulnerable but its the knots that kinda gives the strength to the fragility of the rope..

    Very well writen post.. :)

  21. "say it only if you mean it"?? :-)

    love this particular style of ur's. where you say alot by saying very little, leaving much to the readers' imagination. if u know wht i mean...

    love is something so ambiguous. a word (verb/noun) with so many angles, most of which arent even discovered n definitely indefinable. to each, his own i guess, how we perceive it.

    why do we "fall" in love n not "rise"?? somethin' to do with tht Newton dude..? maybe in the moon we may "rise/ fly/ float in love". ;-)
    write more, G. do u know how many ppl put up with ur slow-downloading-page just to see if there's somethin new cookin here... (compliment, tht one!)

  22. @ABHA - Hey welcome to Scrambled Egg!! Now isnt that a cycle? it starts all over again...

    @Neha - is there a choice? I guess not.

    @Sushobhan - Thanks and welcome to Scrambled Egg. yes we have to take care of those knots you know..too many knots weaken the rope not strengthen it. It is most strong when it is knotless - if you know what I mean.!

    @7-ate-9 such a treat to read your compliments you know.Somewhere i am tempted to believe they are genuine and I feel good about it - so thank you.Yes have taken note of the slow loading template and changed it to the fast loading one. Shouldn't be a problem now.
    My posts are quite periodical - 4/5 days on an average creativity and flow notwithstanding. If you note my previous post [ Papillion] was a tough one to write and took considerable time, so those kind of posts exhaust me a bit mentally.
    I ve also added a post countdown counter - so that my readers will know when is the next post due.! thanks again for visiting my blog and appreciating my work.

  23. I love to read the comments on your post !! They are interesting ....

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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