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ভবিতব্য - Fait Accompli

aamar ruper jowarey tumi ek din bheshey eshechiley,

tomake peye khushitey ghar bandhlam dujoney,

porer tana 6ta bochorey

tomakey kono shontan na ditey parar aporadhey,

tumi amakey bidaye dile,

shei poila boishakher dinei – tareekh ta money podey ki ?

aaj bibaho bichched-er tritiyo barshiki purtir din,

tomake janai – theek aajkei aamar ekta putro shontan bhumishto hoychey

tomar napunshaktar barta bohan khushi to?

My beauty had once charmed you subtly,

You drifted into my life ever so gently,

We set up our little love nest,

but I woke up to a rude jest,

In the 6 years of trying times,

charged with an unpardonable crime,

I'd failed to gift you a son,

and that was enough reason,

you asked me to leave the nest,

a bruised soul's ultimate test,

a myriad of emotions slew,

You do remember, It was a new years day,... don’t you ?

It's been exactly 3 years to this day,

yet today is another new year s day,

Just thought I’d let you know,

A son set foot out of the hollow,

proving your impotent love…

so...aren't you happy today ?

Gyanban thoughts - This is a guest post from some one I admire and respect quite a lot.In these intense few lines, better explained in Bengali,the author has written an amazing piece - encompassing a poignant story in the form of a poem.

The pain of a mother,a wife and her life with the man she loved...and hated.

Please ignore spelling mistakes - have tried my level best to correct it..but since I do not understand the script well,I have tried to use online translators.

For those who understand Bengali,the depth of lines are tremendous...and touching ,each word echoing pain and pent up emotions. and for those who don't understand Bengali, I have tried to loosely translate this into that all of you can enjoy this piece..and for once I shall seek your comments,so that I can convey the feedback to this 75yr.old man...that a dream of getting his story across to the world has come true.

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  1. I want to know the name of the Bangla Poet.

    The translation was fairly successful. Although the intensity of emotions were much more in the Bangla Poem.

  2. Great work :D :D
    Kind Regards to the great poet who composed it :)
    Thank you for sharing it Gyan :)

  3. hmm! you mind me typing out some of the benagli portions for you? kichui na ektu drishtikotu lagey...but i know how touch it is to write it on the bangla software

  4. The poem touched some deeper chord . thanks for sharing this one GB . Thanks to the one who wrote it so beautifully

  5. The meaning and the lyrical style am sure would have been very effective in the original language.. sometimes the charm gets lost in the translation of poetry however best we try to translate certain nuances of poetic language typical of one language cannot be translated. So going by the translated work, I am sure the original would be a very poignant and powerfully written!

    P.S Am not a great fan of poetry oflate. So i may not be a good judge of the translated work too.

    - lakshmi rajan

  6. Beautiful poem!i am glad u posted this one and made the 75 yr old man's dream come true:-)

  7. je likhe che bhalo likhe che, thappor shoja mukhe mereche..

    whosoever have written these lines, have written them good, a slap straight from the heart..

  8. A bitterly painful story told in the format of verses.Touching!
    Do reveal the name of the creator of this excellent piece :)

  9. painful and yet such a truthful story of a lot of women of that culture.

  10. @Pramathesh - The author identifies as Sajon - thanks will convey your comments.
    @chatterbox - thanks am glad you liked it. -will convey your comments.
    @meghpeon - yes the software have removed it and put it in roman script.
    @tikulicious - thanks am glad you liked it.will convey your comments.
    @LakshmiRajan - appreciate your patience to 'log in' and comment.
    @Sudeshna - yes it means a lot this gentleman.Yet to get his reaction though.
    @Tarun Mitra - yes very intense lines,and the beauty of it is in it's impact.
    @Samadrita -thanks.will convey your comments. The author identifies as Shajon.
    @Raaji -true..sadly it is even prevalent today in many levels of the society.

  11. !!!for once I agree with you Pramathesh, the piece can be defined best as Intense!
    Rajan, how I wish you could understand bengali, to feel the essence of the most powerful line - the last line,the last three words.

  12. @eyeswideopen - thanks am glad you liked it...

  13. it did portray the nuances of pain in a much intense and impacting way....
    am not sure how to respond....
    marvelous piece of work....
    it did rake certain emotions through unsaid words.

  14. @maheshkalaal - thanks buddy am glad you liked it.

  15. i first tried to read it in Bengali but my Bengali is as good as my Korean....i mean i don't know a i think i know a few words...... :)

    about the poem.....i wish i could understand it in the native language then the interpretation........ but anyways interpretation wasn't that bad.........

    why human value things after they have lost them....especially ppl and ppl who loved them......

  16. Few lines... yet so poignant. The intensity of emotions comes through. They convey a story that resonates... everywhere.

    P.S. The translation was pretty good.

  17. your revised version is definitely nicer. to summarise her feelings and her story in 9 lines, or rather 18 lines is surely a feat.

  18. after coming to know the exact translation of the original poem, i liked this line d best... "tomar napunshaktar barta bohan khushi to?" LOL...

  19. @Hiteshrawat - yes i wish Bengali is not too good when it comes to literature.Thanks for appreciating the poem.

    @Roshmi Sinha - yes very intense indeed,thanks am glad you liked the translation.

    @7ate9 - good to know - yes those last lines are really the high point of the story/poem.thanks am glad you liked it.

  20. I am not much into poetry but anything in bengali I am for it and this one was very intense as it used so less words to express deep thoughts... one more thing had it been in bangla script would have been easier to read...

  21. @dmanji - well i learnt two things about you, from this and a previous comment - you re not much into poetry, and you don't like reading long posts. ha ha :-))

    Glad to know you appreciate stuff in Bengali...and am glad you liked this work.Yes I tried in bangla script - but too many errors. Can you help me with this? The bangla version [written in english] needs to get republished in Bengali script.

  22. I could read a bit of Bengali once, have lost touch and its completely wiped out from my memory .. so I had to do with the English translation.. a superlative work I must say .. the pain is palpable ..

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  24. At first I thought you have written it yourself in Bengali, then thought must be a renowned poet like Mr. Joy Goswami has written this.

    My regards to Sajon, he is a terrific writer, and my warm wishes to you for sharing this kind of a work with all of us.

    Thanks a lot!

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