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Unabridged Love - A True Story.

'In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged'.

Queen Victoria was born on May 24.But across the Atlantic there was another woman who would go on to become the queen of hearts and minds for an entire generation.About 150,300 people would see the testimony of love that day…because one woman had proved that her love was truly immortal.It would be a moment in history inscribed forever and the world endorsed it.
Summer of ‘83.
Emily ran her fingers on top of the inscription. The names of her husband and his father engraved in stone. Her dream had come true. The magnitude of it all was beyond her. The people looked at her every move, every gesture… watching her every step.There was fanfare, people clapped in appreciation, it was a carnival like atmosphere. Barricades were taken down and lined by policemen. Fireworks were planned for later in the evening. The atmosphere was simply electric.History was being created.As Emily closed her eyes, …

Milestones - 7

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother ~ Khalil Gibran

It was dark by the time Don set foot on the 7th and final bend. He could see the 6 hairpin bends from the corner of his eye. Experiences were on the right and feelings on the left. There was no temptation to look back or turn around. There was calmness and peace in his demeanor.The sky was jet black mostly, only interrupted by the twinkle of diamonds that lay strewn carelessly. Don looked up to notice the sky that cushioned the stars. The occasional comet scratched the surface, but the forgiving soft sky always hid the scar. The mercury had dipped further to about 5C. Smoke billowed into the sky announcing it’s presence to the immediate world. The small huts that punctured the mountain slopes had woken up gradually from a deep day long slumber. The birds chirped silently in the distance, the gentle breeze whispered to the trees, the church bell rang in the distance.The music of the night had just begun.An…

Milestones - 6

Milestone - 7

Don Dasgupta was a well travelled man, best of places, best of hotels, best of airplanes, but this journey on foot surpassed all his previous endeavors.It was to be his atonement.
He walked slowly, stopping occasionally; the weight of the bag pack was becoming heavier. His legs were cramping up a bit.He couldn’t take the weight any longer and twisted his ankle while crossing an ugly pothole in an otherwise flawless road.The pain was unbearable. As he sat by the road side, unable to move ahead he broke down physically. Mentally he had broken down much before.
‘why me?’ Why? – what have I done to deserve this?’ 'Yes I am not perfect. But then who is? Are You ?' he said looking skywards.‘If you only wanted peace and happiness on this earth why did you create evil in the first place?’‘if you wanted love why create hate?’ ‘why offer a choice of good and bad…and why not good and better?’‘why even get into a comparison?’And then when You did create all this comparison why…