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When darkness lights up the skyWhen the stillness of the photograph talksI see you near me being so far away
When ink dries on paper my story begins,When the last drop dries my thirst burstsI feel you inside me yet feel so hollow
When roads turn to nowhere,When the fork leads to a cliff, my flight begins, I fly with you yet you are on a different path
When steps that lead to the door become infinite,When the door opens to infinityI look at your lost eyes, try to find myself in them
When the final breath empties my life,When the final beat misses it’s journeyI leave your heart with my memories…

Gyanban Thoughts - A few lines for those seeking light from darkness.It is an attempt to feel what it is to be not felt,not get what is wanted.I recently read a few disturbing articles about how some people feel so trapped yet cannot break away, they feel so strongly about someone yet cannot get them to realise the same.They spend thier lives hoping ,wishing and praying that someday it will all turna…

Accidental Freedom

The rust in the windowpane,The walk down a lonely lane,The flickering lightThe fighting night.
The sound of raindropsThe windows hiding gaspsThe blowing wind chill,The sepia picture still.
The touching walls,The suffering thralls,The empty cup chokesThe blithe spirit floats
The fleeting clock dancesThe seconds without a chanceThe red seeping veinsThe crash of sleeping trains.

Gyanban Thoughts – These few lines are about how we often get freedom with pain. Life is perhaps the greatest oxymoron itself. We often look to find solace and peace in situations we can or could control, ironically however, some people find peace in situations beyond their control, or at least that’s how we would like to remember them. These few lines are dedicated to all those people who lost someone, and wish they are happy now…wherever they are…maybe.?
Written for onesingleimpression.

Image courtesy:desktopnexus