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Almost Famous

Visible to the world for exactly two minutes and thirty seconds. She would slip back to anonymity for the next 12 hours or so.She had just completed her segment on the weather updates. The same thing she had done for the last five years with the popular news channel DNTV 24/7. Her life revolved around rains in Mumbai to the sunshine in Nevada.
Nobody ever saw her hanging out with friends or ever heard of her family. She just came did her job and went back. Damini Mathur, 31,dressed in a grey suit with a black turtleneck top, and sharp pointed black shoes, looked every bit a news anchor material- a job which she pinned for but never made the cut. Ever since she first saw Salma Sultan on Doordarshan news – she had wanted to be a newsreader, be famous one day just like her.

That night she headed back from the studios in her modest metallic black Maruti Alto. It started to drizzle heavily and then quickly intensified into heavy rain. The roads were dark, empty and with a near zero visibilit…


The last fading glance,
The road and increasing distance, Trying to hold on To her last fragrance.
A simmering flame touches, A  solitary window watches, One light switched on, One hope hooked on.
Starlit sky and biting cold, Tear drops and curled bed folds, Those longing eyes wait, Her walk through the gates.
Morning again,a new hope runs Dodging twists and turns Holding on  for her return, A bleeding heart never learns.
As the hourglass trickled, His breath stifled The waiting eyes kept gazing, As the heart stoppped breathing.

Gyanban Thoughts - a few lines for those waited...forever.For those who never got a second chance, or the second glance.For those who dreamed of a life together of  a journey forever.Very few people value the love they have,until it's gone.They have no idea how life could be otherwise...


Tailor - New Stiches

‘What is it you want for your birthday my love? He asked.
She kept quiet,partly because she couldn’t breathe.
‘Don’t be afraid, tell me dear?’ He implored.
‘I want a sewing kit,I ‘d like to knit a sweater’ she whispered.
‘Ah is that it?.
He let go off her throat,and Chloe collapsed on the bed.

But I liked her fingers.Tender ,long,soft and caring.
Chloe was the perfect housewife.I loved her.
She cooked well,knit well and stiched well.
She kept me safe near her bed at all times.
But one day I realised she was using me.
Instead of cloth my blades were dipped in flesh.
Tender fingers can mislead you sometimes.

Gyanban Thoughts - this fiction short story is narrated in two different angles.One from the point of view of the wife and the other from the point of view of the scissor.I tried to keep both the versions to 55 words or thereabouts which was difficult.I keep trying to challenge myself to use usual ,everyday scenarios to write something plausible yet present it with a different angle.I hope the …