September 8, 2012

Judgement Day

Morning never shows the day.The surrounding was rather oblivious to the naked eye.A broken window,a network of cobwebs a few friendly spiders and some termites for company.There I stood in one corner,untouched,uncared for long.

My bones are no longer as strong as they used to be but I am still holding on,still standing out in a crowd, or so I’d like to believe.I want to talk but have no one to listen,I have a heart burning with desire but no one to love it.I am old but invaluable.

Just as I thought of this moment as the end of the world, there was a noise, someone was breaking in.I wanted to shout, scream alert everyone,but too frail to execute the idea.Its been so long since anyone ever visited me or felt me or even thought about me.

But today was different. The gloomy dark days of solitude were being explore again – but who dare do that? Why? Why now after all these years? As I stood there scared and pondering about the noise behind the door, it opened with the click of the key.

As the cabinet door opened I saw someone I had not seen for a long time ~ I saw the sinner man and the moment he saw me he uttered “Its time I read the Bible”

Truly,morning never shows the day.

Gyanban Thoughts - This is an experimental piece.The cue  was about a tattered old book and the focus was on the narration from the point of view of the book.The tittle was ironical and apt.


  1. :) Quite a twist in the end. I was thinking that maybe it was an unused table, chair room etc :D

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