September 17, 2012


The Predator:

At 14, she was unexplored,untouched,unfelt.The colors of the world were monochrome, sepia or at best a touch of tan.The sun tan was evenly spread,the interruptions were out of the way and the feeling was sublime.

On hindsight,it was perhaps the beauty of the moment that painted the picture in my mind.The first shades of my personality were painted on that beautiful sight.I was stepping into the age of freedom from shackles and curfews.

The moon chose to hide and the stars shied away,I followed my prey.
The momentary lapse of reason had strong roots in chaos,hurt and pain.A childhood betrayed,beaten and frayed. The urge was intense, the assault brutal.

The scuffle graduated into a battle,and the veins revolted in pain.I could take it no longer,but had no one to restrain.I bit the nape,pinned the hands and covered her body with mine.The moment was nigh,and the kill almost done,just then…

The prey:

I fought back with rage,grabbed the vase and smashed his head,he trickled down my heaving fear and erupting heart. Those battered nerves ,poured strength into my mind,I slayed my perpetrator and left him behind.

Gyanban Thoughts : The story is based on the progression of a color palette from white,grey,black,orange and red. Each shade depicting a state of mind , inocence, confusion,rage, etc. This piece of writing was again from an experimental standpoint. Trying to push the envelop and explore new ways of story-telling.


  1. Hmmm. A different way of narration indeed. I was confused till I read the statement in the end and then everything was clear.

  2. yeah ...same goes with me ..Was confused initially but the last para. cleared all the confusion. Liked the way you experimented ! :)

    1. Appreciate your patience.! Thanks for reading.

  3. interesting take and very different; the last para was profound !

    1. Welcome to Gyanban - and thank for appreciating.


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