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Mystics Dream

Lost in trance she dances
flying in the violet sky
the flamingos watch
the dreams in her eyes...

Lost in time she flows
flowing with the falls,
the snowy banks look on
listen to the droplets fall...

Lost in space she smiles
drifting with the stars
the universe grows
yet so much to love
and so little space to hold...

Gyanban Thoughts - Someday,there might be a tune to this poem,I wrote this listening to the Mystic's dream.

Walk Back

Take me back To those forgotten lanes Of lazy Sundays and mundanes When business was just a word We seldom heard
Take me back To those roads with no ends Boundless laughter and endless friends Of games that never end.
Take me back  To those highways Wind on my face and  getaways Those trains and torrential rains.
Take me back To those uncased moments, From that fluttering heart  to that unbroken dream...
Take me back
To that first look
That magical feeling
Reading a little storybook.

Take me back
To that tender hand
The clenched fist
and that draining sand.

Take me back
To never come back
To stay and remain
In the corner house
down the memory lane...

Gyanban Thoughts - Just a few lines dedicated to the memories strewn through the journey of life.All of us at some point sit back and reflect on time that has passed and the time yet to come.

For Getting Her...

Hetal,When will you go?
I will, I will, just a little bit more time.
I cant wait any longer.
Why are you getting so impatient?
Because It hurts.I can’t eat.
Ma,I will change the nurse.
Hetal Desai,42,CEO of Jamnabai Industries walked out of the room.
Jamnabai slumped back on her pillow with a glass of water.Trying to wash away the bleeding gum.Her tooth ache was unbearable, like a nail hammered into a bone.
She knew the pain quite well.She’d first felt it thirty five years ago. First for carrying 

Hetal and a scorching sun on her back for 12 kilometers  and second, for getting her to the dentist to remove her wisdom tooth.

But today,she did not recall any of it though,she was just another bed-ridden old woman.

Gyanban Thoughts -  Little do parents realise,that the race they make their children ready for,is sometimes the same reason they are left behind.There are scores of small incidents strewn through our lives which we realise only when the tables turn.This Mother's day lets celebrate the …

Happy Apple

Lunches were always eventful at the Pandey residence. That afternoon was no different.Some debates,some observations,some jokes and some plans as always.

‘Listen son,I have found out the details.Its a superb deal – a steal perhaps.’
‘What is it Papa?’
‘Its Happle – The Happy Apple’
‘Now what is that?’
‘It’s the local Apple juice – it sells like hot cakes. I am going to start a business selling those. Maybe I’ll reduce some of your burden.’
‘Thanks Pa,but there isn’t such a need, why don’t you relax at home,I will figure something out soon.’
‘Listen to me,its not a big investment,hassle free trading, buy from the dealer and sell it in the apartment complex, and perhaps the park in the neighborhood.’

Mom snapped ‘uff how long will you be absurd? Why don’t you go inside and write or read newspaper- something you do best’.
‘Don’t be negative,don’t criticize me all the time’Papa said raising his voice.
Mom went inside the bedroom dismissing the comment.

‘So, as I was saying,I went and researched the …