December 15, 2007

It's a God Plan..

God is the project manager from an alien civilization,
he was entrusted to sow the seeds of evolution,
he kick started the earth project,
each day for 7 subjects,

His appraisals soared as he created project man,
He was given team leads to further plan,
Team leads came to earth
To make man know his worth,

Team leads set the ball rolling,
and went back without falling,
Man went into self destruct mode,
there must be something wrong with the code,

now it's time to re boot,
and man gives two hoot,
some still pray
That maybe He will show us the way...

November 3, 2007


Time is money,
money is power
power belongs to you,
you belong to no one but yourself,
yourself can take on the rest of the world,
world at your feet,
feet firmly placed on the ground,
ground is the base for success,
and success is yours..!

September 19, 2007

Dawn Mind

Beyond the dark side of the mind
There s an interesting blend
Desire to reach for the sky
Or simply blown by the wind.

A speck of light breaks the darkness
A ray of hope fuels the weakness,
A torrential tide in the mind,
A soul boat behind.

Yet the road races ahead,
Yet the milestones keep crossing,
Yet the forks still coming
Yet we keep denying.

A simple truth
A powerful goal
A difficult path
A strong will

Near yet so far
Near to neither
Numb to reality
Notions of victory

September 11, 2007


There's something in the air -
Blurring the lines between fair and unfair,
Everything seems so right,yet so wrong
For emotions to explode,doesn't take long.

The fear of a choice one has to make,
Putting every myth at stake,
The path to ecstasy,
Is nothing but a complex fantasy.

One still goes along with the tide,
With nothing to hide in the ride,
A momentary lapse of reason
Or just a way to express passion.

The feeling is electric,
love flows through your veins like magic,
every drop transcends like a wave,
the rush is what you crave.

I breathe into your soul,
lost in the flow,
the world no longer exists,
the need to go on persists,

The storm is here now,
no where to run now,
it is strong and fierce,
every part it will pierce

Enjoy this new form,
Give it up to the storm.

July 26, 2007

Why do we do ?

Why do we do?
Why do we do?
The things we do,
the things we do! We fight for love, and hate to lose,
Want to talk,
but get into a deadlock,

We fight with morality,
yet get deep into sexuality,
We abuse the body,
and then blame the mind?

We diet to lose weight,
and then crave to eat,
yield to temptation i say,
at least your life will not be gray

We say things which sound nice,
which actually has a huge underlying vice,
honesty is a weakness, and cruelty a strength,
emotions spell trouble, and hypocrisies success.

No one to be friend with,it's just an illusion,
To trust someone, has to be sheer delusion,
where has the naivety gone ?
has the subtlety been undone?

It s just not about de-risking folks,
learn to fly,
I know you think this is a joke,
but one day your sarcasm bucket will dry,

Find out what you love ,
Love whatever you find,
make the most of what you ve got,
get the most of whatever you have,

Why do we do ?
we do because we want to,
choice is an option given,
and success is a goal which needs to be driven.

Poker Face

A Look in the eye,
and it tells me why,
what goes in your mind,
surprised at what I find,

it s a poker face,
no style no grace,
look in the eye and say it all,
mean it fully or not at all,

Where s the passion ?
The desire to go higher,
The chase without distraction,
Raising the bar a fraction,

One love ,One Life , One goal,
if you want it, just roll,
lay the fate on the table,
let your hands gamble,

if you win,
you lucky stars will spin,
if you lose,
misery will choose,
but let there be no trace,
of the poker face....

Gyanban thoughts - well in the gamble of life,it is important to keep a straight face, so that no one makes out your true situation.

April 7, 2007

Sunrise at 7.17am

It was amazing to see
those tiny lips tickle with glee
just a day of bonding,
seemed like a lifetime passed just watching,
I reach out to my sunshine at last,
my heart never beat so fast.

My little sunshine ,was ahead of her time,
opened her eyes at 7.17AM,
simply angelic this beautiful dame,
lost and confused at the sight,
out of darkness into light,
a new plight with a new a sight,
racing heartbeats to keep up the fight,

Little fingers and a tiny chin,
those little eyes viewing the din,
hearing the blips and clicks choir,
her body wrapped in a maze of wires,
free her,she wants to go,
but fate had other things to show,

but she had to fight,
with her little might,
she came out victorious from the OT,
as i wondered life's cruelty,

If this is a sign ,by design or by chance,
I plead Thee,leave alone my sundance,
My heart is content,
Let my sunshine never see the sunset
leave her ,to live her life happily ever after,
Please take my life in barter !

Gyanban thoughts -

a few lines dedicated to special children,who come into this world specially to show us ,how lucky we are ,that we have everything,so that we value them,and take care of them.They show us how to fight and not give up no matter how difficult our lives are.They instill a new confidence in life itself.

March 25, 2007


The word is balance - no not too much,or too less- just this space,
elders should -youngsters could,they might not but they would,

in this race to perfection,of rejection dejection,of any section,
this in your face objection,deception or resurrection,dont mention,

where right may be wrong,battle without a fight,set right,
you are the judge in this fudge,nobody to claim or blame,

the name game -the order and disorder ,take a stance,a chance,
to keep a balance,if you will , look "in" the eye,see a trace,

of peace in base,and the entire human race.

Gyanban's thoughts - I think we as a humanity are trying hard to excel,which is good, but in doing so,we are going
to the edge of extreme.Yet everything and sane tells us to have a balance? Isn't it ironic? Why do we need to have a balance when our sole goal is to achieve more and more ? These few lines are an ode to balance...or the lack of it in our lives today.


Icebergs are melting, Facebook vacations are cooling. Business reviews are hot. Whatsapp calls are not, Climate is changing, G...