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Unfulfilled - Aparajita - II

A salt n pepper stubble, ruffled hair, tall lanky frame, the shirts he wore were typically long stripes and black trousers with khadi shoes. He had this innate ability to stand still, hands hanging by his side and an expressionless face. Sometimes waiting in the bus stop people would often take him to be someone suspicious. 

His behavior was normal or nothing that would catch the attention of the authorities but his unspoken words had led to many speculations in the past. He had a sling bag across his shoulder which from the outside, looked as if it was empty. But it was not.

Adjusting his bi-focal, wiping his fore-head, he took out the press card from his pocket and showed it to the security officer outside the office. A quick customary glance at the card and the officer thought of asking a question but he was interrupted by Vijay Phadnis pro-actively,a  reporter for IndiaTomorrow. 
‘yes I have an appointment with the minister.’ Vijay said. And showed the email confirmation from Madam A…

Undefeated - Aparajita I

'It would be on Friday ' remarked the party president Raja babu at the congregation of the party meeting.
Lal Prasad slowly raised his head,but could not utter his resentment...instead he asked "what do I need to do ?
Raja babu noted Lal Prasad's clenched fist...but chose not to address it.
'I will let you know tonight'.In the meanwhile make all preparations, I want maximum impact' trailed off Raja babu into his cabin.
Raja Babu had brought Lalla over from his village to the city of joy...and perhaps dreams.
Raja babu was an excellent judge of people and knew potential when he saw one. Lalla, as he was affectionately called, beat up 3 people in the middle of a busy street, Raja babu had noted the ferocity and intensity in every punch and kick he delivered.
It was intense. No one dared to stop him , such was the power of his aggression.
Raja babu knew at that instant, Lalla would someday be useful to him.
Lalla had a developed a certain perception around him - …


When I was a nobody, you walked in to be somebody, my life was going no where, don't know why you wanted to share, love luck or money I had very few, and you came out of the blue, my night is long and I know why, walk away or you'll just cry..
but you walked with me...
when I didnt have a penny,
those days were really funny
walking into a restaurant was easy,
it's the price list that made me queasy, walked out quietly, head hung low, promising some-day i 'll show, standing in front of a big mall, and eating by the road-stall

still you walked with me...
when i didn't have a job to pay bills, those winters of silent chills, that scooter without a back rest holder, and you clutched on to my shoulder, the ride long and winding, getting lost and then finding, but then one day when it broke down, I was kicking but you didn't frown
and you walked with me...

the local trains were jammed, you got jostled and rammed, the rickshaws wouldn't oblige, night shows and the fights, the bus was always…

Et tu ?

'Give me your number again ,I just lost my address book’ requested Rohit.

'9211 04201’.........

.....'& Radhika’s?

‘hey isn’t my number enough? .....Why do you want my wife's number ? Rahul joked.

‘Ufff, I am planning to run away with her.... happy?’ they both laughed loudly.


'Thanks buddy’ said Rohit...with the two airtickets clutched in his palm.

Gyanban Thoughts - Thought of giving it an alternative tittle - A friend indeed a friend in need ! am guessing most readers would think Rohit ran away with Radhika...see how we all think alike ? But I must confess somewhere the thought did cross my mind what if Rohit was actually clutching the connecting flight ticket ?

Morning never shows the day...

The sun was showing itself off in full glory.Not a cloud in the sky.There began my journey.
My predecessors had told me,this would be the hardest part of your journey.such was the design of the plan that there could be a chance that I never got selected.The very thought of getting left behind made me ripple.But i was determined.My size was small...but my spirit high.I was determined to reach the top.There was competition.Stiff one at that.But something in me told me I was meant for something else.Something bigger.As days passed into nights and moons hid behind the sun I was getting heated up from inside.Patience was not my strong point.But such was the design of the system that I had no choice but to be ready whenever it was the right time.
I was mentally getting ready for the long haul but the day came sooner than I imagined.I was absolutely thrilled..I was on cloud 9 ! The few who got in this batch were worthy competitors.They all looked well curved and well balanced.Deep inside a s…

Resolution Road -

Most of us look forward to a new year.A new year brings a new perspective,and along with it a new resolution.Each passing year, we start, stutter and then stop...just to start again the following many of us can boast of a resolution achieved? I am sure there are exceptions, but the certainly not the rule.A good majority would have made a new resolution on January1 ,2010.Some would have renewed, some engineered and some not taken at all.So why do we land up making resolutions every year? Why not start with no resolution for a change? Read carefully. No-resolution for a change. Let us resolve to stay the same.The most common factor missing from every resolution stopped is resolve, discipline.So If one cannot resolve to keep a resolution why not have a resolve to not have a resolution? At the very least you will develop a sense of resolve and discipline.This too requires an effort.Most of us in the comfort zone, just adjust.Most of us really adjust to whatever is thrown at us..…

Yes we can

Yes we can,go on a diet plan,
we always plan,to go on a diet plan.
If breakfast with bagels and waffles
would loosen all those stiff muscles,

If donuts or cakes and pastries ,
got rid of some calories,
we could eat with a smile,

If steaks could make us walk a mile,
Duck roast and Cantonese noodles
could make us loose oodles,

If we lost weight eating tandoori chicken and pomfret,
we could ask for another helping without any fret.
Pork chops make my heart flutter,
just need a dash of lime and butter,

Smoked salmons and scallops
would compensate for all those push-ups,
Some vodka , blue cheese and caviar,
would make my waist look thin from near or far,

If Blueberry cheesecake and creme brulee
would make us agile like Pele,
It would be nice to have High cheekbones and six pack abs,
what if we could eat six fat lambs.
there would be no pressure
to get the desired Hour glass figure,

if only we could have strawberries and whipped cream,
with extra topping and still be lean,
alas this is just a dream
with a dash of so…