February 17, 2012

Vital Signs

Street lights blink,

Life walks by silently,still

Hurt speeds by the curve,

Unknown fate meets the violent blood,

Stolen screams of the muted eyes

Reminiscent  breaths of a fleeting soul,

Yet a joyous birth tears away,

and yet again love awaits

at the crossroads,

Looking for the vital signs.

Gyanban thoughts - Life is about moving,even after we die isnt't it ? Love is unending , untiring in spite of the most savage attacks that death has to offer.Hope keeps us alive as love replenishes it time and again.This world needs love,a lot of love,and peace will come if our hearts make space for hope.Believe it to see it.This poem is for all those people who have lost their good friend "hope" somewhere behind in life and miss the vital signs of love.

written for OSI

image courtesy: here

February 12, 2012

Black & White

Lisa and Jovan were the ideal couple - one a top shot investment banker and the better half a master interior  designer, and three lovely children. Ofcourse there was money,luxuries and expensive vacations. Just another life of the rich and famous.

As the radio played out a commercial in the background,the last few words caught Jovan's attention - ''Here's your cance to change your black and white life into a new color" 

The kids played in the garden on a bright sunny morning. Lisa kept a watch on them through the window.

Lisa turned around and popped her head out of the kichen window and said -

'The milkshake is done -It’s a secret recepie darling in the spirit of spring -I am sure you'll love it.’

Lisa handed out the Orange and white concoction to Jovan sitting on the dining table.

‘I need to rush for a meeting’ Jovan announced while gulping down his milkshake. 

The generous mix of the two distinct colors ,yet different destinies ,bore testimony to the fifty two stabs on Jovans chest.The milkshake and blood mix plastered the walls and painted the floor. Five years and a bitter trial later,Mrs.Lisa Raymond  was convicted for murder of Mr.Jovan Raymond.

As the judge announced the verdict,she sat down in the witness box quietly, no emotion, no gesture.

‘We will appeal against the sentence or even force a retrial’the lawyer comforted.

But deep inside Lisa was enjoying every bit of limelight especially after being kept in the dark for fourteen years.

Life is not so black and white after all.      

Gyanban thoughts - this story is loosely based on the infamous Kissel murder early 2003 in Hong Kong.The theme Black and white seemed to fit in well considering the apparent and the oblivious nature of the crime and verdict.The trial was about a woman who allegedly killerd her husband after sedating him with a spiked milkshake.It was brutal,it was dark and what amazed people was how a petit frail woman managed to kill a man almost twice her size.While the story on the other side was of an abused housewife of a rich corporate honcho who live in a secluded hell under the eyewash of being a perfect couple.The jury is out.

Image courtesy: Here.

February 5, 2012

Everyday Love

That wet towel on the bed,
Dirty clothes and newspapers spread,
Your snoring rapture and my sleeplessness,
Of daily lives and daily mess.

Those frowning glances and channel switches,
Forgotten dates and mad cricket matches,
Your pointless limitless meetings
Of morning peeves and frittered evenings.

The irksome fights and the color of curtains,
Mismatched pillows and forgettable bargains,
Your flexibility and my perfection,
Of designed laziness and my instant action.

The sudden colleague and random invite,
 Junk food and my plight,
Your innocent look and my intrigue,
 Of wasted weekends and fatigue.

 Treasured love and priceless moments,
 Your constant chatter, and my silent nod.
Today they are my only conversations,
With a hanging photo on the wall.

Gyanban Thoughts - what we call irritation or frustration at one point in time,sometimes turnout to be the most memorable moments in our lives.This poem is written from a point of view of a woman remenicsing about her husband after his demise.This is set in an urban landscape by design,trying to capture the everyday lives and everyday issues of modern times.


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