July 28, 2013

Ding Dung Bell

In a recent survey report, the finding suggests 1 in 10 passports are rejected while scanning at various entry points in Indian airports.

Returning NRI S Khan,a 45 year old adult male, was first greeted by the airport customs officer doubting his Passport credentials.

He tried to explain it was a reissue and not a fake new one,however the officer was not satisfied with his explanation.The state of insecurity,or over security in the system has reached epidemic proportions.

The scanner detected a gift wrapped box.Next his backpack  was torn open to search for some suspected device. The officer asked him to scan his finger one more time.This was harassment. On asking the reason was this extra security check the officer,pressed a button and spoke through the loudspeaker  with utter contempt.

The officer opined ‘Your gift has a strange smell’ An altercation ensued. Mr.Khan refused to open the gift wrap suggesting it was for someone special.

The Officer was furious and asked for an explanation.

Mr.Khan objected to this and said ‘its just a sweet and salt sandwhich’.

Not satisfied with the answer,he was further questioned on the metal cylinder he carried in the backpack.

‘It was just a telescope’Mr.Khan remarked getting increasingly frustrated.

The officer probed further and checked the sipper bottle suspiciously ‘Drink it’ he said.

Mr.Khan,a well known face on the popular National Historic channel felt humiliated at this treatment by a fellow countryman. The unsatisfied officer got out of his seat and checked Mr.Khan gift-wrapped package. He took out a Swiss knife and cut it open,only to find a pile of dung packed inside.

The officer fainted. Last known information of the officer was reported normal,from Nanavati hospital trauma center. After all sometimes in life, you  get to be the pigeon,and sometimes the statue. Ding Dung Bell !

Gyanban Thoughts : a satirical post, the words in bold letters were given in advance , and we were asked to construct a story using these words.The second instruction was to write it as a newspaper clipping.

July 22, 2013

Tipping Point

She stood at the edge of the cliff knowing exactly what lay ahead.  One more step and there would be no turning back. She had a life to end and memories to forget. The pain was deep rooted,the feelings numb and the reason to live, had no more logic to support.
It was at that moment ,her will to survive flew through her veins.It was at that moment she took control of her moving foot and stopped.It was at that moment she decided to return.It was that moment she decided to give it back.
After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Gyanban Thoughts : A micro fiction highlighting drama as an underlying theme.

July 16, 2013

The Final Shot.

‘What kind of a name is that, Vidyutparna Godbole?’asked the producer frowning.
‘Its just a name’she said.
‘Change it – else no one is going to give you a lead role with that name.Audience likes to hear names like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone ,Priyanka Chopra ,Kareena Kapoor.’
‘They too,are just names’she said.

‘Well lady, you don’t have a job,you don’t look too hot,you won’t sleep for the role,and you are not ready to expose. So essentially you are here to waste my time.’

‘No sir there is talent,I can act’ she said lowering her head.

The producer looked and smiled ‘the door is on your left,and talent is pouring outside your highness’.

Vidyutparna knew walking out of that door would mean many more doors would close on her face.The producer was a well known man and had many hits under his belt.

‘I will do anything to get this role,and if that means I ve got to kill you so be it’she shot back at the producer.

For a moment it was believable.

‘Nice try,it doesn’t shock me. These stunts have been attempted by hundreds of women before’he chuckled.

She stood in front of his desk looking right into his eyes.
‘Like I said, the door is waiting for you’he gestured.
She pulled out a gun and shot him in the middle of his face. 
Just one shot, perfect.

She said looking around ‘Cut it. That was the final shot – pack up for today everyone.’

Gyanban Thoughts : A short story which leaves you thinking about the multiple options,possibilities the story could ve evolved and I'm thinking about it too...

July 5, 2013

Return Gift

Brian Paul called and said‘Happy birthday bro’
‘Who’s this?’ asked a startled Aaron Barnes.

It was six years since the two school friends had last spoken. But their acquaintance withstood the test of time.They had been to school together for many years, but then came that fateful day when both of them failed to get pass the higher secondary exams.
Fate took them to different parts of the world and more importantly in to different paths.

Life changed their fates from that point on.Aaron went on to become a top executive in a large multi national company and Brian struggled to make two ends meet in a shipping yard doing MIS reports.

Corporate life made Aaron a sharp thinker,a shrewd calculator and a strong personality.Hard life and struggle made Brian a carefree, ego less, hassle free guy.Over time their vocabularies had changed accordingly.While time saved mattered to one,time spent mattered to the other.

In spite of their different paths, fates, and demeanor's they managed to keep the connection over the years. Brian would call mostly and Aaron would usually be busy and would return the call at a later time.Brian never minded that and Aaron liked that he could be free with his childhood buddy.There was no pressure to be politically correct with him.

However,in the last few  years there was no call from Brian and Aaron had never noticed it either until today, when Brian called to wish him for his birthday.

‘Thanks buddy long time no see no hear,how goes?’asked Aaron Barnes.

‘Goes well mate,no job,no salary and a family of 5 to run,can’t complain’he chuckled.

‘Oh sorry to hear that’ said Aaron.
His corporate mind took over, anticipating Brian’s next move.He decided to preempt it and address the elephant in the room.

‘Oh so you must be in need of money’ he said.

‘Oh totally – I do’ said Brian.

Aaron silently felt good about his analytical abilities but decided not to show it.

‘Send me your bank account’

‘Ah –that won’t be necessary buddy’ said Brian.

‘What? I mean , I don’t understand’ said Aaron.

Aaron raised his eyebrows in surprise and couldn’t muster up a further response.
Brian continued ‘I mean yes I do need to earn more money, but I am ok, working on some projects,some stock market play and it should work out soon  so I should be good, besides my wife runs a small boutique in the neighborhood, so she chips in for the daughters school fees, so we re still floating.’

‘Send me your bank account’ Aaron stressed.

‘Aaron – chill. If I take money from you, it will become excess and then I will get used to it and who knows I won’t be able to repay you back – so won’t take it from you, at least not just as yet.You see,If you give me fish to eat I will get used to it ,I need to learn to fish’ Brian concluded.

‘Ok as you wish – I respect your views – call me if you need anything’ said Aaron.

Brian smiled and said‘Sure I will – but today I just called to wish you a happy birthday’.

‘Thanks buddy – appreciate it’said Aaron and they hung up.

Aaron immediately called Vanessa,Brian’s wife and managed to get hold of the bank account number and IFSC code for a bank transfer. He transferred money into Brian’s account right after that.Aaron felt good after a long time. It was something he had done for a friend without any expectations.

When Brian got to see his bank account a few days later,he realised what Aaron had done.He decided to call him back and return the money.

‘Hello can I speak to Aaron Barnes please?’

‘I’m sorry who is this?’asked the receptionist.

‘Ah I’m his friend Brian Paul’

‘O Mr. Paul I am afraid Mr.Aaron Barnes is no longer with the company’.

‘What? But I spoke with him last week?’

‘The call must’ve gone to his personal mobile sir – we usually allow a small grace period for the mobile service to remain open till all his accounts and contacts are aware and or his papers are closed as the case may be’ she said.

‘Oh this is terrible – how long back did he move out?’

‘Sir,Its been about two months,it was rather unfortunate that his department shut down and he had to move on’ she whispered.

Brian could barely speak‘Oh’ he said lowering his voice.

‘Would you like to pass on a message in case he calls? asked the receptionist.

‘Y-yes just let him know I wanted to return the return gift he gave me on his birthday’.

Gyanban Thoughts : Often friendships develop over time, through unspoken words,uncommon circumstances,and different paths.Sometimes we get too caught up with what we know about people,until someone comes along and makes us revisit our belief system.This short story is dedicated to all best friends out there.

Fade away

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