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Vontha Bad putthy cath....

Once there was a big bad black puthy cat.
With big round eyes,a cute red nose and sharp claws. He looked real menacing with his big whiskers and sharp teeth.The other puthy cats in the alley feared him quite lot. He was stronger and bigger than them. Nobody ever fought or got into an argument with him.He got what he wanted when he wanted...except for one tiny little thing,which bothered him no end.
You see the big bad puthy cat lived behind a big house which had lush gardens and eucalyptus trees. A hedge which was evenly trimmed every week. And at the back of the house there was the tallest of all the eucalyptus trees...which was also the house for a little Tweety bird.
Now Tweety bird was the tweetiest bird in the neighborhood.!
Tweety bird, was really beautiful, with big eye lashes and a shiny beak,blessed with a melodious voice , she could enchant anyone she spoke and get Him to do whatever she wanted.
As if all this was not enough, she was smart too. In the years that she spent on …

Beautiful Forest.

Must’ve been about 12 AM in Kumirmari.
‘Be careful’ Shabbir said to his 35 week pregnant wife.
‘I want some mangoes…. Now’ Najma said pleadingly.
‘ok ,ok let me see what I can do’ answered a loving husband.
Two hours later, she was dead. Her belly bled.
Nails had clawed her baby out.
Beautiful Forest.

Gyanban thoughts - We live in an ironical world. The hunter becomes the hunted is applicable to both man and the tiger.This "ficto-reality" is dedicated to all those poor villagers who fell prey to the Sunderban man-eaters.image courtesy :japantimes.


Let me pack some hugs,Let me wrap some shrugs,Let me untie your heart seams,Let me fill your pockets with dreams.

Let me cook some embrace,Let me garnish with some craze,Let me relish the tug on the finger,Let me serve the crawl on the shoulder.
Let me spray the cuddles,Let me tie the hurdles,Let me drive to the fun place,Let me park the embrace.
Let me be your sky,Let me be the path you fly,Let me be the ground you touch,Let me be the miss-so-much,
Let me be the wait at the goodbye gate,Let me be the ache in the painful fate,Let me be the repeat of every minute,

Dangle Veils

January 6, 2006.

Just after the winter holidays, Ms. Syrine Videl walked into that college, something had changed it s fortunes since then. Since she joined as many as 11 of the best lecturers had left St.Ives College. Just one remained from the old batch. But it was not until June that year, that Principal Laura Sebastian realized the connection. Nestled in the hills of Nainital, St.Ives was not a very famous college, but over the years it had earned a good reputation, a healthy mix of international students testified it’s success at the international level. The college came on the map when one of its students went on to become a TV anchor with a respectable news channel CNN. Since then many success stories had emerged. But all that was about to change.

March 24,2006.

As time passed by, most professors couldn’t fathom what to do with Syrine. She proved to be academically brilliant. Topping nearly everything. Yet her name was always associated with the worst pranks in the history of the …

Close Up

‘This is it – I am done with you.
I cannot continue our relationship Ruby.’ Mr.Seth said coldly.
‘you can’t do this ,I’ve loved you so long’ said Ruby sobbing.
Roy went back to his life, his wife of 15 years.
Next morning at the AGM presentation, people saw Roy Seth &
Ruby Miranda's photo on slide 15.

Hell hath no fury like a mistress scorned !

image courtesy

Broken Heart

A clouded dream under the moon shining bright,
floats in through the window sill tonight,
A voiceless silhouette  lurks in an ageless light,

The night sings of  the coming dawn,
Birds fly into the sky unknown,
where the heart moves the stones
and  silence reigns in the bygones..

A painting hangs on the naked  wall,
Nestled in the placid soul
As the darkness lays her crimson cloak
hope will call, and time roll back .
The eyes say the words unsaid,
the lips part, for the lips  unmet,
And every breath, the breath is full
Upon that misty night, night so still,
locked in a chest, locked  so deep,
Key to my tears, lost to sleep.

That my love, fire has led me on shone more bright, than the blazing sun
Till the sun got burnt ,in his strife,
and how time stops , and my love springs to life..
yet you stand there, for the flames in my heart,
of love have burnt, and scorched my eyes in the dark, but for the love of you, I will wait

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Incubus - Aparajita IV

As lightning flashed their eyes met.

She had seen him while waiting for a bus on a rainy evening. The roads were deserted and the bus stop empty. Heavy drops of rain started pouring and Jatin took shelter in the bus stop.

‘It’s pretty odd it s raining at this time of the year isn’t it? Jatin said as a matter of fact. ‘No I ve seen rain in December before’ she said without looking at him. ‘Really ? I haven’t – actually, I wasn’t here for so many years – so don’t quite remember myself’
There was silence.
It was with the next flash of lightning that Jatin took notice of Aparajita. It would not be until much later that Aparajita would see the true colors of the lightning.

She was the epitome of a matt finish .Mostly dressed in earthy colors, dark shades to complement her bright skin, Aparajita, was quite a misfit in the political community. Slim, petit and frail..a fact which would always go against her...except for 2 things – her angelic eyes and her rock solid resolve. Men would often fall in…